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Tesla Model Y Loses #1 Place As Most Safe EV

The Tesla Model Y has held the #1 place as the worlds safest EV. But another vehicle has come along to take its place. What is this vehicle?


The Safest EV

Not long ago, the Tesla Model Y was tested in Europe and it was the safest car ever tested by far - the safest car ever made. It's now lost this title and who did it lose it to? Two new cars were tested this week, along with BMW having EVs tested.

One from Lucid and one from Tesla was tested. The Lucid beat out the Tesla Model Y. This vehicle is now the safest car ever made. There is an incredible race going on for the safest vehicle ever made. Techniques and standards are improving.

The Lucid Air was just tested and it got a 90% in the adult score and a 91% in the child occupant score. The Tesla Model S got a 94% in the adult and 91% in the child occupant test. The Tesla Model S was 4% better. Safety assist features were 98% for the Model Y and Model S.

The Tesla Model S won in two categories and lost in adult occupant safety. The Tesla Model Y has a 97% score in this compared to the 94% Model S. Technically, for the overall safest vehicle, in its aggregate score is the Tesla Model S, then the Model Y, then the Model 3 combined with the Lucid Air.

The Tesla Model S has taken over the Model Y as the world's safest car.

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The Model Y - Is It Safe Still?

Tesla, on its blog, mentions that safety features all come standard with all Tesla vehicles. One of its best features is the safety features. Tesla vehicles have been tested over and over by independent bodies and been shown to be exceptionally safe.

The Model Y is still a very safe car, even if the Model S was overall shown to be safer. Tesla's safety features work better in the real world better than any other car. This is something Tesla should showcase more. There is a slew of safety features that make Tesla vehicles very safe:

* Collision avoidance
* Front structure castings
* Automatic airbrag suppression
* Far side air bags
* Multi collision braking
* Model S steering yoke

The Electric Viking wasn't sure how the Model S steering yoke had a safety advantage. I think it's because it lets you see the screen easily behind it.

In conclusion, the Model Y is incredibly safe, but the Model S was shown to be even safer! Would you get either of these vehicles?

For more information, see this video from The Electric Viking:

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