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Tesla Hardware 4: What Is Going On?

We have reports of Tesla vehicles with Hardware 4, but not being able to run features like Autopilot. What is going on?


Tesla Hardware 4

Tesla's Hardware 4 setup is the next upgrade for its cameras that have higher resolution. There have been reports of new cameras as well. With the removal of sensors in new vehicles, not all of Tesla's features are reported to be working in the latest vehicle with the new hardware.

One example is the parking sensors. Whenever you are parking your Tesla vehicle, you will get a view that shows you how close you are to something, so you can avoid running into things. The ultrasonic sensors that Tesla used to have were what made this possible.

With new vehicles, the ultrasonic sensors are gone and there are reports that this feature no longer works. Tesla is doing this for a reason.

Elon Musk has said that the best part is no part. That is why the ultrasonic sensors were removed. I expect that Tesla will continue to remove things in order to save on cost and complexity.

Let's look at what is going on with Tesla's Hardware 4 now and see what is going on and when we can expect Tesla to have its features back.

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Tesla Features

New vehicle deliveries, such as one with a 2023 Model X Plaid, had Hardware 4. The build date was February 25th and the Tesla screen showed that the radar was set to "PHOENIX". In this case, numerous photos were shared that matched other vehicles on the Fremont lot.

This seems like a current iteration of Hardware 4 and Tesla is likely going to continue to test this. There don't seem to be any new camera positions in the front bumper. For the time being, the layout seems pretty similar.

There were rumors and leaks that other cameras would come later on. Perhaps these vehicles will have the option to be retrofitted. This customer is saying that the features for Autopilot, FSD, and others aren't usable - just lane lines.

This is only for new Model S and Model X purchases, and that may have been one of the reasons that the price was reduced.

I would hope that Tesla will allow a retrofit for these vehicles if there is a final configuration for Hardware 4 that is decided on and that Tesla can get the software features for FSD and Autopilot working again as Tesla is touted for its software.

This is one of the few times I think Tesla has dropped the ball. You can't have customers buying vehicles without features being available. This is a mistake and I hope that Tesla fixes it soon.

What do you think of the situation with Hardware 4? Will Tesla get its features working again soon for new Model S and Model X purchases?

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