Tesla Giga Berlin Graffiti Concept by 153Design
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Tesla Calls To Cover Giga Berlin In Awesome Graffiti As The Factory Finishes Construction

Tesla calls on artists to cover the Giga Berlin walls with awesome graffiti. This comes after the company in charge of the Giga Berlin building construction officially announces it has completed the project.

Tesla, often the weirdly awesome company among its competitors, has now called on graffiti artists to cover the walls of the Giga Berlin factory in graffiti art.

As of now, we know, at least publicly, artists from Frankfurt who go by the name 153Design have officially thrown their hats in the ring with the awesome graffitied Giga Berlin concept you see above.

And if you would like to join the contest to contribute your work, Tesla has provided an official channel and you can apply by sending your work to [email protected].

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Initially, the idea to cover the walls of Giga Berlin with graffiti art came from CEO Elon Musk when he shared on Twitter a video of the Grundheide factory’s progress and said “it will be covered with graffiti art”.

And now the timing to add the graffiti work on the exterior of the factory seems right as construction of the building is practically done. Although there is confusion as to when production will begin given the addition of a battery cell plant.

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Just today, the construction company in charge of the Giga Berlin building officially announced it has finished work and is moving on from the Grundehide project.

The announcement came from the head of the Goldbeck Group, Jan-Hendrik Goldbeck. On his official Linkedin page, Goldbeck wrote “After 10 months of hard work on all sides, we‘re done with our scope”

Goldbeck also thanked the Tesla team, Elon Musk, and the Goldbeck team champions and partner companies for helping to meet the challenge head-on.

Finally, Goldbeck signed off by saying “All the best to everyone involved in finishing this moonshot project - we’ll be back for future stuff!”

The “future stuff” he is referring to might be Tesla’s work to add a battery plant at the Giga Berlin site. Recently, Tesla began complex foundational work suggesting the battery plant will be house to truly gigantic machinery.

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Tesla’s unconventional approach to the automotive industry is growing popular by the day. This is especially apparent as Tesla becomes the most sought-after employer by German students.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Tesla Germany. As the company’s admirers grow so do the detractors one such egregious example is a German newspaper’s call to bring “Elon Musk to his knees” by joining forces to short Tesla.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see what sorts of artworks end up on the Giga Berlin wall? Do you have a favorite artist or a type of work you would like to see on the factory wall? Or maybe you don’t like the idea of graffiti and you think it will ruin the factory visuals. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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