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Tesla Becomes Most Sought After Employer By German Students Thanks To Elon Musk

According to a new survey by Trendence, a German market analysis firm, Tesla has ascended to the number one position for the most sought-after employers in Germany.

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As it has been doing so for the past 20 years, Trendence, a German market analysis firm, determined the most popular employers in Germany in 2021.

This year, the firm reached a record number of 150,000 respondents who gave answers on a wide variety of topics connected with the labor market. The target groups surveyed included schoolchildren, academics, and non-academics.

And according to the firm’s 2021 report, Tesla has taken the number one spot for the most popular employer in Germany. That is despite a FUD campaign by German newspapers with one going so far as calling to bring “Elon Musk To His Knees” by joining forces to short Tesla.

Tesla’s position is even more impressive considering the EV maker is still in the process of building the company’s first European production plant in Germany. Tesla recently changed the production start date for Giga Berlin from July to the end of 2021.

However, even before the EV maker starts hiring in full force, the company has already ascended to one of Germany’s most sought-after employers.

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Trendence attributes Tesla’s popularity among German students to the EV maker’s most famous recruiter - Elon Musk. And I believe this assertion is hard to argue with.

Even though Musk doesn’t officially hold a recruiter position at Tesla, the CEO is undoubtedly the biggest force attracting talent to the EV maker.

Elon’s ability to attract talent to his companies is already apparent in the US where his two companies, SpaceX and Tesla, hold the number one and two position for the most popular places where engineers would like to work.

Tesla’s continued popularity in Germany will help the EV marker effectively compete for talent against established German automotive giants. Even though Tesla Poaching away Mercedes Plant Manager has been called treason by Germany’s Largest Union.

Currently, work at Tesla’s Berlin plant seems to be progressing well. Per the company’s Q1 2021 earnings report, in addition to an exciting bitcoin update, Tesla said “buildout of Gigafactory Berlin is continuing to move forward, with production and deliveries remaining on track for late 2021. Machinery for paint, stamping, castings, etc., continues to be moved into the building.”

The first vehicle that will come into production once Tesla’s Grundhide Germany factory begins operations is a new Model Y.

According to Musk, the Berlin-made Model Y will have the new 4680 cells and a structural battery pack. And based on all the information we know so far, the new Model Y could have a 474-mile range.

In addition, according to Musk, the new Model Y will also have “stunning new colors that subtly change with curvature”.

How do you think Tesla became Germany’s most important employer even before Giga Berlin starts production? Do you think it mostly has to do with Elon Musk’s popularity? Or is Tesla’s mission to transition the world to sustainable energy that is attracting young people? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Tinsae Aregay has been following Tesla and The evolution of the EV space on a daily basis for several years. He covers everything about Tesla from the cars to Elon Musk, the energy business, and autonomy. Follow Tinsae on Twitter at @TinsaeAregay for daily Tesla news.

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