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Want High Range in the Cybertruck? Then Pay a High Price

The Tesla Cybertruck is going to begin production next year. Will it have 500 miles of range or 300 miles of range? How much will it cost?


Tesla Cybertruck Range and Specs

The Tesla Cybertruck is going to be heavier than most of Tesla's vehicles and Elon Musk has stated that there will be a quad motor version that will have around 500 miles of range. If this is going to happen, a bigger battery pack will be needed. If Tesla doesn't compromise on range, you are looking at around a 180 to 200 kWH battery pack.

This would make the Cybertruck a cool vehicle with a great ability to tow a trailer or haul things around. Unfortunately, this will drive the Cybertruck price higher. Tesla will price the Cybertruck in a way that is a sweet spot. It won't be too cheap and it won't be too expensive. Tesla has to set the price to a reasonable amount where there isn't a large backlog.

Rivian and Ford are having no problem selling trucks for around $100,000. These trucks have about 300 miles of range. Tesla isn't generally the cheapest EV available due to having better charging and software. Tesla will have the best pickup truck on the market with a durable and unique design. The performance and towing will beat everyone else too. There will also be many post apocalyptic features available.

In a dream world scenario, the truck would have well over 300 miles of range with good specs, but the price still may not make it to $80,000 in order to qualify for the U.S. IRA tax credit.

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What Will the Price Be?

With all the advantages the Cybertruck will have over other brands, Tesla has some control over the price of this vehicle. If Tesla can pull off a 400 mile range or more on the Cybertruck, that will be very impressive. There would have to be some breakthrough in battery technology or they will have to stuff more batteries and more motors in the truck. Perhaps the 4680 batteries will be able to make this happen. I don't doubt engineers at Tesla are working hard on this.

One answer to this would be to have solar panels as an option on the truck to give the driver about 10 to 15 miles per day. Then Tesla could say that the range is in the 400 to 500 miles of range due to the solar panels providing this bit of extra range. Production is going to take time to ramp and there will be a lot more demand than supply.

Tesla will raise prices of the Cybertruck, I have no doubt about this. I think the Cybertruck will cost more than the long range Model S. That vehicle costs about $105,000. Tesla can get away with charging way more for the Cybertruck. I think we'll see a quad motor Cybertruck with anywhere between 400 to 500 miles of range (with solar panels) with a price of about $125,000. This puts it close to the Model S Plaid.

There will be nothing else in the truck market that can compete with this range. Tesla will have a simplified manufacturing process with no rounded edges. There will be no paint. I still believe Tesla should produce a version of the Cybertruck without any "bells and whistles" that has a lower base price with add-ons available. The Long Range Model X has 351 miles of range and starts over $120,000. Tesla's base price for the quad motor will be about $125,000.

What do you think of the Cybertruck range and cost. Will Tesla be able to offer a quad motor Cybertruck for less than $125,000?

For more information, see this video from Tailosive EV:

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Tom (not verified)    December 24, 2022 - 4:59PM

Like the no bells and whistles cybertruck, Kinda like the old Mazda small pickup ….