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What People Are Missing From the Tesla Cybertruck

We have a video of some interesting findings on the Tesla Cybertruck that many people have probably missed.

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What People Are Missing From the Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla is supposed to release the Cybertruck next year and we've seen prototypes of it, including a reveal event where the window was broken by a steel ball. But there are a few things that nobody realizes about the Cybertruck and we'll share them with you now.

There are several things overlooked from earlier reviews and videos of the Tesla Cybertruck. The first thing is that the Cybertruck was big, but a little bit smaller than the Ford F-150. The specs say it is about the same width as the F-150, but does that include the mirrors? I think this is to be determined still.

One of the issues would be how to deal with conflicting grain. When a machine makes stainless steel, it is run through that machine to sand it and give it uniform lines or grains. These lines go in different directions. How do you handle this? You just don't sand the stainless steel for the Cybertruck. It's the original flat finish.

There was some touch up paint and a little spackling over the cracks and that was to be expected. It was thought there would be channels in the bed, but there are not. Channels would be a debris nightmare, so having just a flat surface is much better.

Additional Findings of the Cybertruck

Along the back quarter panel of the Cybertruck, there is a big seam that runs the length of it. That should be gone. The crack above the windows should be gone as well. The prototype is years old, so we should expect some big changes.

As a closer look to the seam is done, it doesn't look like this would be an adequate design to support the sub frame of the Cybertruck. The prototype is just a mock up. Some have expressed concerns getting the truck in their garage. Most garages would not fit a full-sized truck. We'll see what the final design ends up being.

There is another visible seam at the base of the A pillar and that will probably go away. This is there to make it look just good enough, but won't actually be how the final product is done. The final product will most likely do away with this and be seamless. Also, the steel is about 3/8 inch thick.

The steel will be from the same factory and foundry, but probably won't be the same alloys as the one Starship uses. We now know that Tesla is getting the steel from a brand new stainless steel factory near Austin, TX.

The front bumper may be plastic instead of stainless steel in order for safety. However, the person driving the Cybertruck has had first hand experience with the Cybertruck. The front will remain stainless steel. The driver explained it as crash test safety and that there will be damage regardless, so stainless steel will be there.

The windshield will have to be curved. If you have a flat one, when the sun hits, you will blind someone somewhere all the time. This prototype doesn't have the wiper blade or side mirrors, so many things are still missing. There will not likely be hand-made Cybertrucks for the eventual launch event as well.

What do you think about the Tesla Cybertruck? Will it be released on time next year?

For more information, see this video from My Tesla Weekend:

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Jeremy Johnson is a Tesla investor and supporter. He first invested in Tesla in 2017 after years of following Elon Musk and admiring his work ethic and intelligence. Since then, he's become a Tesla bull, covering anything about Tesla he can find, while also dabbling in other electric vehicle companies. Jeremy covers Tesla developments at Torque News. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay in touch and follow his Tesla news coverage on Torque News.

Image Credit, My Tesla Weekend, Screenshot

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