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PepsiCo Plans to Launch 100 Tesla Semis in 2023

There is news out that PepsiCo is going to launch 100 Tesla Semis in 2023 for delivers to customers like Walmart. What does this mean for Tesla?


PepsiCo Launches Tesla Semi

PepsiCo is going to launch 100 Tesla Semis in 2023, according to Reuters and these semis will make deliveries to PepsiCo customers like Walmart. This is according to PepsiCo and its supply chain revealing this information.

PepsiCo purchased the Tesla Semis outright, which leads me to believe they paid cash for them. They are also upgrading their plants and installing four 750 kW Tesla Mega chargers at both the Modesto and Sacramento locations in order to charge up the Tesla semis.

PepsiCo has some help from the state of California to offset some of the costs in the form of a $15.4 million California state grant and a $40,000 federal subsidy per vehicle. The incentives are going to help fleet operators build out their fleet of Tesla semis.

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Future of Tesla Semi

Are there any other companies that have reserved the Tesla Semi? Yes there are: UPS (the United Parcel Service and Food Delivery Company Sysco Corp have also reserved Tesla's semi trucks. It appears that Walmart is still testing alternatives to the semi.

PepsiCo will use the Tesla Semi trucks to haul around its good to various locations in California and the mega chargers will be an important component of that. Many people believe that the Tesla Semi sells for around $240,000.

The 500 mile range on the Tesla Semi could be priced higher because of its 1,000 kWh battery pack, which is about twice the size of many of its rivals. There is no definitive answer on the price of the Tesla semi at this time.

The plan for PepsiCo is to keep the trucks for a million miles or seven years and the operating costs will pay back several times over. The economics of the Tesla semi are truly staggering.

Would you get a Tesla Semi? What other companies will get it?

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