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Tesla Semi Has An Astounding Lead Over the Other EV Semi Trucks

Tesla's semi is compared to the other top 7 semi trucks available in North America and the comparison is staggering. The Tesla semi blows all the other 7 out of the water.


Tesla's Semi Blows the Other 7 Semis Out of the Water

There is a comparison of the Tesla semi against the other 7 semi trucks available in North American and it shows that the Tesla semi blows the other 7 out of the water. It's not even close. What's even crazier is that if battery supply were more available, the Tesla semi would have been released years earlier.

The Tesla Semi has the following specs:

Battery (kWh): 914 (estimated)
Range: 500+ (537 estimated)
Efficiency (kWh/mi): 1.70
Charge time: 70% in 30 minutes
Charge power: 1 MW+ (estimated 1.28 MW)

Let's compare this to the other semi trucks available in North America:

MakerModelBattery (kWh)Range (miles)Efficiency (kWh/mi)Charge TimeCharge Power
TeslaSemi914 (estimated)500+ (estimated 537)1.7070% in 30 minutes1 MW+ (1.28 MW estimated)
NikolaTRE BEV7333302.2280% in 160 minutes240 kW
Volvo TrucksVNR5652752.0580% in 90 minutes250 kW
LionLION8T6532602.51100% in 180 minutesUnknown
Freightliner (Daimler)eCascadia4382302.2080% in 90 minutes270 kW
KenworthT680E3961502.64100% in 200 minutes120 kW
Peterbilt579EV3961502.64100% in 200 minutes120 kW
BYD8TT4091253.27100% in 150 minutes240 kW

Source: Twitter @TheEVuniverse

As you can see, the Tesla semi is far and away the best semi truck available. Who is in 2nd place? It looks like it is the Volvo Trucks VNR. It has a 2.05 efficiency of kWh/mi and a charge time of 80% in 90 minutes. It's nowhere near the Tesla, but it's good enough for 2nd best in my opinion. But 2nd best here is a very distant 2nd best.

The rest of the industry has some work to do to catch up to Tesla's semi truck. And Tesla is going to be making improvements in their semi over time and it's going to get better and better. And the Tesla semi will eventually have full self driving software...

It's expected that Tesla will produce and deliver about 100 semi trucks this year (2022) and by 2025, produce and deliver about 50,000 semi trucks. Hopefully Tesla is able to get there.

Here is the original Tweet thread by @TheEVuniverse:

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Tony McCurdy (not verified)    December 5, 2022 - 7:23PM

You are kidding right, you have no idea what the specs are for the”Semi”- there’s a reason “besides the alleged 500 mile stunt -Nothing was mentioned about anything else- talk about the cart before the horse- your fanboiism is showing