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Biggest Reveals From the Tesla Semi Delivery Event

Tesla just had its semi delivery event. Information about the Tesla semi was shared and Pepsi Co. took deliveries. Here are the biggest reveals.


Biggest Reveals From the Tesla Semi Delivery Event

We just saw the Tesla delivery event here on December 1, 2022, and there are some important reveals that are worth noting. These involve the range of the Tesla semi, the safety, and the charging capabilities, among many other things.

Also, Tesla has teamed up with TSMC for creating cutting edge autonomous technology.

The first and most important thing is that the Tesla semi is safe. Tesla has a revolutionary feature called regenerative braking and this is even more important for semi trucks. When a truck is going down hill, it has to take proactive measures to avoid having to veer off and use an emergency off ramp.

This will no longer be the case with the Tesla semi as the energy that is gained from going down hill will be regenerated into the battery and the truck will slow down acceleration when going down hill and be able to charge itself while doing so. This is a big deal and will make Tesla semis much more safe than a diesel truck.

The next big reveal is that the Tesla semi can go 500 miles of range on a single charge. This means not having to stop at all and drive. Tesla even released a video of the Tesla semi going 500 miles and here it is:

Other Features of the Tesla Semi

The Tesla semi has enough room for someone to get into it and stand all the way up, even for someone as tall as Elon Musk who is almost 6'2''. There is room to put supplies, tools, and to hang up your jacket. When you get in the semi, there is a seat in the back and a single seat in the front with two screen on each side.

The screens give you visibility into what is at the side of the Tesla semi, what is behind it, and the cameras make driving it much easier. You won't have to rely on mirrors to see what is around you with the Tesla semi and that also makes it very safe.

Another feature is that Tesla is building out mega charger stations. These are really fast super charging stations that are needed for the Tesla semi in order to charge it at a fast rate so the truck can get back on the road.

A big reveal is that the Cybertruck will use this same charging speed, such that you could get a pretty decent charge on the Cybertruck in about 5 minutes. This is a big reveal and will save a lot of time charging.

Lastly, the Tesla semi was delivered to PepsiCo. and will start with operations there in California. Tesla will also be using the Tesla semi for its own internal supplies and will continue to test and upgrade the vehicle just like it does with all its cars.

My only question I have is how will the Tesla semi perform when it is winter, snowy, icy, and cold. Will it get good traction, what will the range be when it is cold?

What do you think of the Tesla semi? Is this going to change trucking forever?

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