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Elon Musk Will Hopefully Say the Following Tomorrow On Tesla's Earnings Call

Tesla has an earnings call tomorrow and there are a lot of questions people have. Here's what Elon Musk will hopefully say.

Elon Musk On Earnings Tomorrow

Here is what Elon Musk can say tomorrow in response to the top questions he will be asked tomorrow as he is on the conference call for Tesla's earnings tomorrow. I will also add what I think will actually be said.

What is the current status of Optimus? Are they currently performing any factory tasks? When do you expect to start mass production?

What Elon Musk could say about Optimus, Tesla's humanoid robot, that would be favorable for Tesla:

It would be favorable if Elon Musk says that the Tesla humanoid robot is already doing basic tasks in one of Tesla's factories. Even if it's just carrying something from point A to point B over and over, that is a good start. If Elon Musk gives a timeline that an Optimus robot can be purchased by 2026 and give good reasons why this will happen, that will be very positive.

What Elon Musk will probably say:

Progress on Optimus is continuing to progress. When you think about the human labor market, it boggles the mind. Is there really a limit to human labor? We are continuing to train our Optimus humanoid robot, and will give an update on it later this year.

What is the status of 4680? What is the current output?

A favorable response to this question would be:

We have enough 4680 batteries to build nearly 2,000 Cybertrucks per week. We expect that number to get to 4,000 per week by the end of the year.

What I think Elon will say:

We have enough 4680 batteries to build 1,000 Cybertrucks per week. As we continue to ramp them, we should get to 2,000 Cybertrucks per week by the end of the year.

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What is Tesla's current assessment of the pathway toward regulatory approval for unsupervised FSD in the US, and how should we think about the appropriate safety threshold compared to human drivers?

A favorable response to this question would be:

Tesla FSD 12.4 could arguably be version 13, and I think this version is very close to unsupervised FSD based on internal Tesla testing. I'd say this version is about 5 times safer than an average human driver and when we get to FSD version 13, it will be 10 times safer than an average human driver. This will happen by the end of the year. Regulators will have to approve FSD for unsupervised driving at that time, and we should see unsupervised robotaxis in 2025.

I think Elon will say:

It really comes down to the data. If we can show that the existing version of FSD is, say, 5 or 10 times safer than an average human driver and that accidents and deaths are far less frequent - which they have proven to be so far - then I think regulators will follow. Certainly some states will be the first to allow robotaxis, such as Florida, and I this could happen by 2026.

Have any of the legacy automakers contacted Tesla about possibly licensing FSD in the future?

A favorable response is:

Ford and a few other automakers have already been inquiring about FSD and licensing it. At the point we have unsupervised FSD, they have committed to licensing FSD.

Elon will probably say:

We have been in talks with some of the legacy automakers about licensing FSD in the future, but so far, nothing concrete has some to fruition yet.

Can we get an official announcement and timeline of the $25K vehicle?

A favorable response would be:

By $25K vehicle, I assume you mean the compact car and not the robotaxi vehicle. That seems to be what many people are concerned about - will Tesla build a compact car that people can purchase, that has a steering wheel and pedals and be able to do it by 2026. You can be assured that we do plan on producing this car, and we're on track for it. We're just focusing more of our resources on the robotaxi vehicle first, given the significant progress of FSD.

Elon will probably say:

The $25K vehicle is not cancelled, despite the reports you've heard. We are going to reveal the robotaxi next generation vehicle on 8/8, and you'll be able to learn more about it then. As we release other vehicle models, we'll do more reveal events for them in the future.

Can we make FSD transfer permanent?(until FSD is fully delivered / Level 5 autonomy)

A favorable response would be:

For those who purchase FSD for more than $8,000 in the past, you will get a one-time transfer to a new Tesla vehicle purchase.

Elon will probably say:

We are currently offering no transfers on FSD at this time, however, there may be a time in the future we do another period where you can transfer it when buying a new Tesla vehicle.

It would also be great if Elon Musk talked about the following as well:

  • Giga Mexico progress and timeline
  • Tesla Semi progress and timeline
  • Giga Berlin expansion
  • Giga Shanghai expansion
  • Megapack factory building ramping in Lathrop and Shanghai
  • Solar roof - keep it, expand it, or scrap it
  • Progress on Dojo
  • Referral program changes and bringing it back

You can read the full list of questions from owners of Tesla here.

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Will Elon Musk give favorable responses to the questions tomorrow? Or, will he say what I predict? What about something else?

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