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FSD Beta 11.3 - Stunning Graphics Becoming More Life-Like

We have the first videos of FSD Beta 11.3 and the graphics are stunning.


Tesla FSD Beta 11.3 Graphics

Tesla's FSD Beta 11.3 has finally arrived, and we are starting to see videos of it. The graphics are stunning and look more and more life-like. I expect that as future versions of FSD are released, it will continue to get more and more realistic.

Did you know: Tesla FSD Beta once used dotted lines and boxes for its graphics rendering?

FSD dotted lines and boxes

Now that FSD is using a single code base for highways and city streets, Tesla will be able to make changes much more quickly. When you look at the below video, you can see that there is a smoothness to the vehicle on the screen and the projected path in front of it.

This video from ray4tesla looks like a computer game simulation. There are cars everywhere, lane markings, a 4 way intersection, and it's all happening in real-time. You can even see a pedestrian getting ready to cross the street on the screen.

Tesla's FSD Beta software is going to continue to become more life-like on the screen. Eventually, I expect that it will start to be able to recognize more and more objects on the screen, not just cars and traffic lights, but poles, and more.

One thing I would like to see fixed in the software is at a train crossing. Right now, the software just displays a bunch of Semi trucks on the screen going over the tracks, and that is clearly not what is happening.

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Future Versions of FSD

What will future versions of FSD have in them? They are going to have more details in the graphics. Right now, the cars are pretty generic, but I see Tesla eventually making a car database and each car will be shown as the exact car it is. Right now, Tesla just distinguishes between a truck, Semi, and regular car.

Tesla also needs to display pillars on the screen. There is a video from HyperChange where he does an FSD Beta challenge where the vehicle has to navigate around pillars in order to get to its destination. It has gotten better at this, but the vehicle doesn't display them on the screen properly.

If Tesla does get to the point of displaying them on the screen properly, then it should easily be known that that is a barrier and the vehicle should not try and go through that pillar. Right now, it's just a gray spot on the screen, and that doesn't give a good indication of what is going on.

Tesla FSD will most likely start to recognize different animals types and render them, not just cats and dogs. It could render squirrels, reindeer, and even snakes. It all comes down to the training data the system gets. As computer systems get more powerful, we'll see more and more detail.

What other objects do you think FSD Beta will render eventually? Will it get to the point that by the end of next year there are driverless rides happening?

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Image Credit, ray4Tesla, Screenshot