Side repeater camera use on Tesla Roaster
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Excellent View of Tesla Side Repeater Camera Spotted on Roadster

A recent Reddit post offers a nice view of exactly where the Tesla side repeater cameras are positioned on a Roadster.

Recent Reddit Post of Tesla Roadster

A recent Reddit post by u/ sirokejejian on the r/TeslaMotors Tesla community shows a nice view of the otherwise-hidden Tesla side repeater camera positioned on a Tesla Roadster.

Redit post of Tesla side view camera

Here is an exploded view of the recessed camera:

Close-up of side repeater camera

Along with the still images, here is a short YouTube Video Showing the Side Repeater Camera on a Tesla Roadster.

The Perks of EV Cameras

The growing availability of camera systems on EV’s such those found on Tesla vehicles has provided not only an improved driving experience and undoubtedly led to fewer accidents, but has also led to identifying and prosecuting perpetrators involved in a crime.

Earlier I had posed the question of “When are too many features, too many features?” with respect to camera systems on vehicles. An online search reveals that most reviews give a thumbs-up; but, with a few outliers that not everyone is equally impressed by Tesla’s new front end camera feature for the Cybertruck.

The biggest advantage of having a 360 degree view of your car’s surroundings is that it increases driver awareness in blind spots and aids sensor warnings during a lane change or when making a turn. For older drivers, those with some medical limitations or experience pain while trying to crank their head around to doublecheck their sideview mirror clearance, it makes driving both more pleasurable and safer.

Today, side repeater cameras are replacing side view mirrors on cars with dash screen views that help you keep your eyes on the road at all times; and, with the added bonus of no longer having to shell out big bucks whenever a sideswipe incident or narrow path collision results in a damaged side view mirror. More importantly, however, side repeater cameras as part of a 360-degree viewing system with sensors, are crucial for advanced driver-assist features with Autopilot and FSD. A guaranteed favorite will be the day we can use Tesla Reverse Summon to find our parking spaces autonomously.

To learn more about Tesla’s 360 view camera system, please check our site for updates as they arrive on all-things-Tesla.

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