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Tesla Stock Declines Thirty Percent In Just 30 Days - Closes Under $180 Per Share

Tesla stock has declined a staggering amount in just one month. Where is the bottom for this distressed stock? Financial reports are looking quite gloomy.


Tesla stock has declined fully 30% in value in just 30 days. On May 3rd, the stock was priced at $255.03. At the close of trading today, June 3rd, the stock was priced at $179.0. In just one month, Tesla's stock price declined by almost a third of its value.

tesla stockFinancial News On Tesla Is Scary
Tesla's automotive business and its solar business are both showing signs of trouble and investors are seeing less and less value in the company literally daily as the above stock chart courtesy of Google and NASDAQ shows. Financial publications are reporting bad news for Tesla stock on nearly every headline. For example, Market Watch today noted that Tesla is nearing a three-year low point. CNBC's headline is "Bernstein says Tesla won’t be bought: ‘We struggle to see it being sold as a going concern." The New York Times titled its report on Tesla's diving stock situation, "Can Tesla Ever Be More Than a Niche Automaker? Wall St. Increasingly Thinks No."

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"All Is Well" Says One Publication
With all of the major financial news outlets reporting doom and gloom for Tesla, is there any other voice with any other opinion? Yes, but one must look to the electric vehicle-advocacy publications to find hope. One content provider writing at Clean Technica asks, "Is Wall Street Clueless On Tesla [TSLA]?" He offers up quite an array of charts, graphs and down the nose talk about what Elon Musk really said and when he said it along with a primer on what he thinks constitutes a "sale." The writer's bio states that he is a "Grumpy old man." It also states that he has no education after high school, and that he is an investor in Tesla. So, his "reporting" is not actually reporting, but advocacy. Of course, he could be right. About what we are not sure.

solar cityWhat About Tesla's Solar Business?
In addition to high-performance cars with an average selling price well into the luxury realm, Tesla dabbles in solar power equipment. Its Solar City division was purchased in what looks a lot like a bailout to one of Musk's relatives.

Like with Tesla's vehicle reporting, facts are held close to the vest about the solar business. The Buffalo News reports that Tesla is starting to branch out within the solar manufacturing business. It also reports that Tesla's installations have "...plunged by 38 percent from a year ago and are at their lowest level in more than five years." Maybe the green vehicle advocacy media have a way to redefine installations to make things seem rosy, but it sure doesn't sound good to this non-investor in Tesla.

We're pulling for Tesla to turn the ship around. If Tesla has two more months of declines like it had in May, a lot of reporters and advocates covering Tesla will need new assignments.

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