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Tesla Dominates This List of 10 Most Satisfying Vehicles

Consumer Reports has just released its updated list of vehicles that owners report to be the most satisfying. Tesla simply owns this list.


A new Consumer Reports ranking of the vehicles that Consumer Reports members report finding most satisfying shows that Tesla dominates this important metric. At the end of the day, is any specification, or other metric more important than how satisfied you are with your vehicle?

On Consumer Reports' Top Ten Most Satisfying Cars List, Tesla's Model 3 is the highest-ranked*, The Model S is fifth, and the Model X is 10th. These are not category wins, the list is compiled based on any vehicle in any segment. Owner's reported "would definitely buy again" rating determines the ranking. The Tesla Model 3 earns an incredible 92% rating in this regard from owners who are Consumer Reports members.

Consumer Reports (CR) is one of the best organizations in the auto industry at capturing and cataloging the opinions of its members. We don't always agree with the opinions of its writing staff, but we do have a lot of respect for the reporting the group does on its owner-reported data.

We looked a little closer at the information that Consumer Reports supplied with its top-ranked vehicles on this list. Interestingly, the Model 3 and Model S are only ranked "yellow" for reliability and the Model X "red" for reliability. Most owners still would buy another one. The Model 3 and Model S are both Recommended by Consumer Reports, but the Model X is not.

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*One odd aspect of this list is that Consumer Reports says in its current data that 92% of Kia Niro owners reported they would definitely buy it again. We reached out to Consumer Reports for clarification on why the Niro EV is was not tied with the Model 3 for first place. The answer we were provided made perfect sense.

Consumer Reports is a non-profit, member-only activist group that publishes a magazine and has a very comprehensive online presence. You can subscribe by clicking here.

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