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2016 Honda HR-V destined for ‘Hot Hatch’ customization

Hot on the trail of last year’s SEMA Show Honda Fit custom auto build, the “best of the best” in the metric-tuner universe will soon focus on morphing Honda’s HR-V into arguably the coolest looking hatchback to come out of Honda Design in a decade.


North America Honda fans lament over the loss of what was once, and still is the backbone of Honda-Hot-Rod design; the small body Civic and Acura Hatchback. In 2014 a few of the best custom autobody and design shops in North America were invited by Honda to present their version of the perfect Honda Fit to the world via the Las Vegas SEMA Show. The automotive world was blown away, and out of that effort came the Fit customization movement we see today.

Today, fans can buy custom factory and aftermarket body, engine and drivetrain performance components for Fit. The only limitations to customization is imagination and budget; looking to Mugan of Japan,(see photo above) and experiencing 2016 Honda HR-V in MIami, Beach, we believe that HR-V will be Honda’s next Hot-Hatch.

Here’s our reasoning

Crawling around and under 2016 HR-V, we discovered a well built vehicle of exceptional construction quality, more than adequate ground clearance, body-cage structure and cross-the-line-up mechanical compatibility. Without pointing to exacting specifications, we note the 1.8 liter Civic derived engine tied to a time-performance-proven not so close ratio 6 speed manual or CVT transmissions; both units capable of handling greater horsepower and torque loads.

Fine looking hatchback fodder

While no dimensions are at hand, available photographs of Vezel/ HR-V’s engine room and air intake assembly suggest ample room for supercharge of turbocharging modifications. Add to this HR-V’s raked and wide-track stance, fantastic roof slope and rear hatch integration, the possibility of creating a show-stopping hatchback is almost a no brainer. This car is screaming for wide-track fender kits, ground effects and brake cooling air intakes. How far will you go with HR-V?

Standard equipped with arguably the best visually balanced, ergonomically correct interior found in a sub-compact crossover today, HR-V is ripe for customization. Torque News viewed some pretty cool factory aftermarket accessories in Miami, HR-V begs for more!

Price it right, sell a million of them

While we can’t share the MSRP for 2016 Honda HR-V,(Honda hasn’t released it yet) logical up-line progression, customer retention and recruiting a few hundred thousand new Honda lovers dictates that HR-V comes in $ slightly above the 2015 Fit and $ thousands below a nicely equipped 2015 CR-V. We can’t wait to see what Honda and metric custom builders come up with for HR-V at SEMA 2015. Mini panel-truck anyone?