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Parks McCants comes to TorqueNews with a strong jounalism, reporting background in social economics and politics. Cutting his writing chops through MSNBC Newsvine, Examiner.Com and Hubpages, McCants has transitioned into his lifetime obsession of everything automotive. "I grew up on the backlots of a Southern California Ford dealership," by the time I was 17, I'd bought, modified and sold 50 cars or so, the rest is history" says Parks. 'I've raced vintage SCCA , modified and rode motorcycles for decades, many of them Honda... Today he can be found at TorqueNews.Com reporting Acura and Honda developement. Parks has been featured through Examiner.Com, Edmonds.Com, M.I.T. Technical Review, and noted in the Los Angeles and New York Times. Contact Parks at 541-556-6222

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