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Hyundai Sonata Sport + Takes the Affordable Sedan up a Notch

We’ve all driven the entry level sedan, hatchback and crossover trying to convince yourself and significant others that it’s good enough, we’ll make do, and, perhaps next time. No more. Hyundai Sonata Sport + comes to market with little sacrifice.

Bouncing from the seat of a $60,000 crossover into the spartan confines of a $20,000 economy car can be a bit deflating. Often the downside of drive review is a sore back gained from that sub-par entry level economy car. Hyundai Sonata Sport + takes the compact entry level sedan up a notch with standard features one might anticipate from a car costing $1000’s more.

While a bit hard-surface plastic-rich, 2018 Sonata Sport +, with a beginning MSRP $23,300, gives Honda Civic a fair run for the money.

Normally aspirated 2.4L 4 cylinder gas, 6-speed automatic transmission

You won’t find a turbocharged mill under the hood of Hyundai Sonata Sport. Hyundai’s time proven DOHC, port fuel injected 2.4L engine is normally aspirated. Yet, due to some advanced engine and fuel management, Hyundai’s 4 door compact sedan claims 185 peek horsepower and 175 lb-ft torque @ 4,000 rpm.

Paired to a conventional yet long legged 6 speed automatic transmission, this FWD (front wheel drive) sedan has plenty of passing speed; and, a surprisingly refined drive and ride dynamic. In real world driving Torque News recorded an average 26.9 MPG, a bit lower than the published 25/35/28. Yet in all fairness to Hyundai, most of our driving was experienced in town.

Hyundai Sonata Sport+: Tons of legroom, a rev-happy engine, and Freeway loving long-legs

What I like about Sonata Sport + is the refreshed grill design, standard featured alloy wheels, a very appealing body line, sculpted dash treatment, integrated monitor, simple controls, comfortable driver’s seat, exceptional knee to dashboard clearance, and the available (inexpensive) $600 tech package. The more I drive Hyundai Sonata Sport +, the more I like it. Outside of a bit more molded plastic then I car to have in a car, I find Sonata Sport + to be a solid purchase value. When we consider Sonata’s warranty, this car is hard to beat.

What I like: Appearance, comfort, handling, price point

What I’d change: More soft touch surfaces, a quieter interior. That’s about it.