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2018 Honda Clarity Electric Drives Toward Sales Sustainability

For Automakers to embrace the mass electrification of the car, they must first reach manufacturing and sales variability.2018 Honda Clarity is on path to surpass initial insider sales expectations.

June was a record sales month for 2018 Honda Clarity. This is the first full year of production for Honda’s 3rd generation Clarity. Formally, a fuel cell electric lease only vehicle of very limited production, when I attended the 2018 Clarity Electric vehicle press reveal in Santa Barbara, Ca way back in 2017, Honda public relations was cautiously guesstimating Clarity sales to top out at 20,000 units per year.

While we’re not there quite yet, Honda Clarity of all varients, sold or leased 1575 units in June, 2018, more than the total lease production run for the second generation Clarity FCV. There’s a reason for that.

The manufactured in the U.S. Honda Clarity world platform offers 3 methods of electrification

I count myself one of the lucky few who has experienced all 3 Clarity offerings. Frankly, my favorite is the rarest, and not available in my home state of Oregon. 2018 Honda Clarity FV (fuel cell electric) is a mind bending engineering marvel. Powering its multiple electric motor drives with electricity generated by racking compressed hydrogen gas. Read more about my Clarity PHEV drive experience.

2019 Honda Clarity: Build it and they will sell

To date, American Honda manufacturing can’t keep up with Clarity demand. That’s been the case since Clarity’s tentative relaunch announcement back in late 2016. 2018 Clarity came to market with well over 3,000 online hand raisers willing and able to take delivery of Honda’s most advanced car. To date, over 8,000 consumers have done so. In our interview of Clarity owners, I’ve yet to meet one that isn’t thrilled. You’ll find more information on 2018 Honda Clarity here..

The evolution of Honda Clarity continues

Honda engineering informs us that Clarity platform will (eventually) see service in the crossover, light truck segment. Offering 3 electric variants, Clarity is the most diverse electric vehicle platform manufactured in America. With choice comes consumer acceptance. Honda’s betting on it!