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AV Turbo Chord Offers Affordable Dual Power Home Charging Solution

The number one concern raised by consumers when considering the purchase of an electrified vehicle is the task of home charging. How, how much, and how often? Aerovironment has an affordable easy to use answer to home EV charging concerns.

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With the market acceptance of electrified vehicles in the U.S. comes an unprecedented mainstream Auto manufacturing embrace of a technology that’s been around as long as the internal combustion engine. Today all major and a handful of boutique Automakers offer a growing lineup of electrified cars and light trucks.

There has long been a question with our readers as to the cost associated with facilitating home charging. Truthfully, the cost varies widely depending on how far you wish to take your charging capacity, the number of vehicles to be charged, and rather or not you require quick charging. TurboCord can charge 3 times faster than your OEM charge cord.

AV TurboCord presents a portable 110V/240V transformable solution

AV (Aerovironment) TurboCord Dual 110V/240V is a portable EV charging solution affording 110V or 240V charging Via a quick clip-release adapter interface. It comes complete with a handy carry case that easily fits in your EV power cord storage well. We plug Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription into TurboCord and drive off in less than 6 hours.

For BEV, (battery electric vehicle) and PHEV (plug in hybrid electric vehicle) owners, while on the road or at home TurboCord is an affordable solution for overnight 110V charging, or 240V relatively quick charging -- plugged into a conventional 3 prong house current 110V outlet, or a modified (plug adapter required) standard 240V electric dryer or shop equipment outlet. Torque News Toyota expert John Goreham chimes in on Prius Prime affordability.

We bring a Prius Prime PHEV up to full charge in 6.5 Hours

What I like about AV TurboCord, is it’s compact size, time- proven construction, and ease of operation. AV TurboCord will look familiar to anyone who has utilized AV public charging stations in much of the U.S.. Simply open the charge port on your EV of choice, look for the pulsing light on the business end of the TurboCord -- you’re charging. When the unit stops blinking, you’re done. According to AV, TurboCord is the most compact EV charger on the market today.

My AV TurboCord reduces the average home charging time of Toyota Prius Prime from 16 to 6.5 hours (full charge) from 20%. Your charge time may vary a bit. Yes, Honda Clarity PHEV is also compatible with AV TurboCord.

AV TurboCord is available from your local building center

While there is much competition in the home charging segment, I like AV TurboCord for its simplicity and portability. Unlike the competition, Turbo Cord does not require hardwired installation to facilitate dual Voltage charging. I find it listed on line for well under $500, a relative bargain in the world of home charging.

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