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Why Nancy King loves 2018 Prius Prime Plug In Hybrid

With no shortage of well equipped and affordable brand choices in the growing compact PHEV segment, Artist, Interior Designer, and car enthusiast, Ms Nancy King of Eugene, Oregon loves 2018 Prius Prime.

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Unique styling and color pairing is but a small part of the equation that make 2018 Prius Prime Nancy King’s favorite PHEV ride to date. Known for her outgoing, upbeat sparkle and artistic flair, Ms. King brings her unique take on the ever evolving world of electrified, tech-rich vehicles to the pages of Torque News.

Nancy tells us that she's driven and critiqued no fewer than 30 electrified vehicles in the past 18 months, including Acura MDX Sport Hybrid, Honda Clarity, Hyundai Ioniq, Lexus LC500H, and Volvo XC90 T8-Inscription. Read John Goreham's latest Prius Prime assessment.

Nancy likes Prius Prime for its interior spaciousness, ease of operation, seat comfort, and surprisingly agile road handling prowess. And, is duly impressed by Toyota’s best selling hybrid's extended electric only drive range.

2018 Prius Prime injects a bit of designer cool into he best selling hybrid hatchback on Earth.

Ms King tests drives the 2018 Prius Prime Advanced. Offering every standard and optional feature available to the Prius lineup -- including ease of personal electronic connectivity, active accident avoidance, driver assist, adaptive cruise control, premium sound, tablet like touch screen monitor, color backup camera, and a stated electric-only drive range of 25 miles -- Prius Prime Advanced comes to market with a beginning MSRP of $33,100 plus dealership prep, tax and fees. Ms King tells us this Prius is worth every penny.

We asked Nancy for a thought or two on her recent 2018 Prius Prime drive and ride experience. Here’s what she wrote Torque News.

I’ve been in a Prius before, but until the other day, I had not truly had a “Prius experience!” There she was, the little blue egg, shining in the sun at the top of my driveway, calling me to peak inside. Peak, I did.”

Upon opening the door I saw what was to me a blend of The Jetsons meets Anime and I loved it! The cabin is gorgeous, white & gray, with the ‘Blue Magnetism’ colored accents. For those that know me, esthetics is three quarters of the way home for this girl. :) The drivers seat, with its seemingly limitless comfort controls, has you molded to perfection.

Comfortable seats, power adjustment and more

Now, this is something I’ve not seen in an electric before, because as you know, companies are always trying to find ways to keep the electrical draws down on the vehicles, but Prius Prime didn’t scrimp on this most important feature, the Driver’s seat comfort.

I adore the silence of the electric plug in, and I’m happy we have the turbo cord home charger to quickly get her up and on the road again. I would take Prius Prime on a cross country tour in a heartbeat. America, it’s time for EV turbo charging stations from coast to coast!

Nancy King
“My Auto Take”

Find full specifications for Prius Prime here.

Photo attributes Parks McCants 2018
My thanks to Ms. Nancy King.

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