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$100 price increase for 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe

That’s it. For the cost of a modest night out on the town, you can opt for a 2015 Honda Civic Si over last year’s model; they’re identical!

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With Honda announcing the release of the 2015 Civic Si today, you won’t find many 2014 Honda Civic Si’s sitting on your favorite Honda dealer’s lot. We know, we looked for Si availability in 2014 and found the car to be relatively rare. This may be why Honda Civic Si holds the highest residual retail value for any compact 4 door sedan sold in*North America.

looking to the specification sheet for the 2015 Civic Si coupe and Sedan, we discover no changes. Honda made some major body style changes in 2014, tuned the suspension and increased fuel economy. They also integrated best in class active and passive safety features, installed a sports-themed premium interior, reduced interior road noise levels and bumped the horsepower and torque up a notch.

By our $ measure, Si remains a solid personal transportation purchase with measurable potential for reliability and fun. We like Honda’s high revving 205 hp 174 lb-ft torque 1-VTEC normally aspirated four cylinder. Mated to a close ratio 6 speed manual transmission and limited slip differential, Honda Civic Si provides exhilarating ‘ E” ticket ride performance on a slightly over entry-level budget.

What we discovered on our latest Si outing is a responsive, great handling pocket rocket with better than average interior comfort and style. Honda’s done a commendable job of upgrading Civic interior cloth and soft-touch plastic surfaces while reducing road noise. While Si remains in the compact class, this 6’5” driver fit in Si with relative ease and comfort.

Highs: High revving mechanically bulletproof 1-4 VTEC engine
Close ratio 6 speed manual transmission with reduced pedal pressure and rebound.
Over-all handling and braking.
Sport themed red piping on black seats, billet- like foot pedals.
Red dash lighting, 7” touch screen Infotainment interface.

Dislikes: Cheesy door panels and light padded carpet kit.
LaneWatch( don’t like it!) it’s a personal thing…
slight throttle lag via drive-by wire.
Rim design.

That’s about it. Honda Civic Si remains a winner for 2015, a solid purchase value with unlimited possibility for personal customization and great metric, hotrod potential.

* Kelley Blue Book and Torque News-Honda research.

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JeffS (not verified)    October 15, 2014 - 10:53AM

Hey Parks, no rush, when you have a mo, Why do you not like the, "Lane watch", curious? I like it, particularly on the highway.
The wheel design is growing on me. It was not one of my favorite design elements, but I am warming up to them. If they hold up and they look to be a pretty high quality wheel, I'll be happy with them, (my experience in the past with Honda wheels has been very good). Size wise they are just right. The extra tire on the SI is definitely noticeable, both visually, (fill the wheel well nicely) and when driving. Also, minor point, they are easy to clean. Just a matter of personal taste.
I do not notice any throttle lag on mine, I do experience the, "Rev hang" from time to time, which is no big deal, but noticeable on occasion, (seems to be getting a bit less pronounced as I put some miles on the car).
The only nits I have is an oil gauge would be nice, (I personally can do without it, but a car with "sporty" intentions, that is probably going to be revved quite high on a regular basis should have an oil gauge). I do not like the fact that it has no temp. gauge. I think it was lost when Honda added the rev warning/ V-Tec gauge, (I like this feature) where the temp gauge used to be. They should have kept the Temp gauge as well. Minor gripes, especially when you consider what you do get at a very attractive price. Speaking of price, in my last go round buying, I came across this, "One price our best price, no haggle" policy many dealers seem to be adopting, I HATE IT. I bought my SI from a dealer that was willing to negotiate and got a FAR better price than any of the, "No haggle" prices offered in my area.

Parks McCants    October 15, 2014 - 11:08AM

I agree with you JeffS, Honda should offer a performance full guage array. Look around, an after market offering may fill the void. As to the wheels: They look great with certain color combinations. I was looking at an Orange Si sitting in a showroom when I came to the realization that the rims looked understated, but funtional. They look great on the Marano Red, Silver, Black, Etc... As you say, it's a personal prefference thing. As to LaneWatch, passive and active safety features. For me, I appreciate the option of turning the system off; I( personal) find it to be distracting at times. But as you mentioned, great in Freeway traffic. I drive a lot of Honda products. Some of them are a bit over-teched. Si is not one of them. Look forward to reading you in the future. Thanks for dropping in. Attach a photo, we'll run it in our Reader's Rides section.