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2016 Honda HR-V owners look to live life large

It’s that thing that happens when affordable function meets exceptional utility and measurable performance. All of a sudden the cost of vehicle ownership falls on the back burner of active living.

2016 Honda HR-V is one of those cars that inspires thoughts of adventure while doubling as an every-day, take it for granted, reliable form of personal transportation; with a twist. When released for retail sale sometime soon,(Honda says late spring) HR-V will bring to the sub-compact crossover market what automotive manufacturers refer to as an entry-level, gateway vehicle of uncompromising quality and coupe-like good looks; all at a price well below much if not all of the competition.

Torque News spent a day or two in Miami, Florida with HR-V and walked away impressed. Honda has once again capitalized on that space-continuum thing that they do so well. In other words, the interior spaciousness of HR-V far exceeds its exterior dimensions. And, while featuring Honda Magic Seat ™ 40/60 split rear seating and storage area transformability, just sitting in HR-V may promote day-dream-visions of adventure and far off the beaten path travel adventure.

Without going into spec details

Those of you that drive the current generation Honda Fit or 2015 Honda CR-V may have a good idea of the ergonomic comfort, transformable interior configuration and fuel efficiency of 2016 HR-V. The horsepower and torque-that’s a Civic-CVT thing.

HR-V will borrow more than a handful of design cues from the aforementioned vehicles; a drive train component; some technical features and specifications that we'll hold today for a future article.

We can tell you this

Honda will once again define a “white hot” automotive segment through the introduction of the Fit-platformed HR-V, CUV. By producing a vehicle of exceptional standard features, driveability, fuel economy, measurable performance and tech-driven safety features, Honda effectively raises that bar on what consumers will now expect from a manufacturer in an entry-level sub-compact sport-like utility vehicle.

HR-V takes the best of Fit, CR-V and Civic utility and function and drives it home

Setting the record straight: While 2016 HR-V is based on the Fit-World-Car platform, it’s not Fit! Take a look at the photo above. It speaks a thousand words. While 2016 HR-V advertising arguably targets a younger demographic, we believe that the appeal of this comfortable, exceptionally good looking crossover will appeal to anyone looking for a vehicle that offers the best of all automotive attributes without overtaxing the household budget.

It’s nice to have a few dollars left at the end of the month for those fun and thoughtful things in life; HR-V will get you there in style and safety.

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