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2014 Honda Accord, Civic sales drive Harris Poll ‘Brand of the Year’

With the economic recovery of North America comes new car sales. Once again consumers have voted Honda “ Full Line Automotive Brand of The Year” Torque News looks to the numbers.

According to the most recent Harris Poll EquiTrend Study, consumers have once again named Honda “ Full Line Automotive Brand of the Year;” not the first time for Honda. However, for 2014 on the wave of economic recovery, Honda received a record point count, the highest in 10 years.

Good enough: We have a problem with polls

As a veteran economic and political reporter, (I) we discovered that polls can often be skewed by demographics, while results are often magnified by the polster. However, in this case we have the ammunition to back the findings of the Harris Poll study. With or without this poll, the all new Honda Accord and Civic are the # 1 selling cars in their respective segment ; there’s a reason for that: Consistent quality, price, performance and both hold the highest (resale) residual value in the industry.

Earlier in the year we stated that the rare Honda Civic Si has the highest residual value in North America. The same holds true for the made in Ohio Accord. That’s a fact Jack...

According to Harris, thier poll encumpases 1500 brands across 170 categories. By polling standards, this is a massive undertaking. Honda’s # 1 spot is based on “brand familiarity,quality and purchase consideration”. You know, credit availability, lease incentives and interest rates.

Luxury brands also saw their greatest collective uptick in a decade. A sure sign that the North American economy is in recovery mode.

*According to Mike Chadsey, automotive solutions consultant at Nielsen: “This post-recession improvement in purchase consideration is helping to lift brand equity scores, but the key to sustainable brand health for auto brands will be to build strong emotional connections with their target audience that hold up over the long hall,” says Mike. Honda’s the best in the business at building brand recognition and generation-bridging brand loyalty.

The big “H” is seen everywhere.

From race promotions to concert tours and indoor motocross events, Honda reigns supreme.

To us this is no -brainer. Looking to the streets of any-town North America, we find decades old Honda Accords and Civic coupes and sedans selling in the mid 5 figures. No other brand can touch Honda for brand loyalty, longevity and long-term resale value.

Honda’s trophy case is busting at the seams.

The same holds true for the # 1 selling minivan and small SUV in North America. Not too long ago the 2014 Honda Odyssey minivan was named most innovative minivan of the year by “Good Housekeeping Magazine." GH liked the added utility of the built-in “Shop-Vac”.

Granted, Honda may be the most awarded “made in North America” car and light truck these days, and frankly, we look for more important Honda news on most days. But we believe that American Honda Motors deserves brand recognition for consistent quality, fair price-point, exceptional standard features and producing a safe, reliable and cost-effective personal mode of transportation.

The good news continues as Honda announces inclusive roadside assistance in the purchase of all 2015 Honda cars and light Trucks. While we haven't received notification from Acura, we expect the division to follow suite. Look for the release of an all new 2015 Acura ILX this week on the heels of the just arrived 2015 Fit.

We are Honda Fans.

We report on Acura and Honda motorsports, racing and new product development because Honda is the most innovative, consumer conscious automotive manufacturer in North America. Thank you for reading Torque News, your thought provoking comment is always welcomed here.

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