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Why Honda Accord is #1 selling new car in North America for Q1 2014

“Big things” for American Honda Motors as Accord takes an early lead in its segment as the # 1 selling sedan in North America. Toyota: Can’t touch this.

The first thing we find to be self evident when scrutinizing the 2014 Accord, is the flawless transparency of Honda’s online shopping tool. Unlike Toyota’s cost + approach to countless upgrades in a format that is less than user friendly, Honda includes the majority of what todays buyer’s wish for in the base priced Accord LX.

With a ‘beginning price’ of $21,955 + destination, licence fees and applicable sales tax, Honda Accord offers a superior automotive driving and ownership experience, without breaking the bank.

A base model Accord LX comes equipped with an aluminum block i-VTEC 16 valve 4 cylinder gas engine. And, a 6 speed close ratio manual transmission or CVT. Producing a respectable 185 horsepower @ 6500 rpm and 181 ft-lb torque at 3500 rpm, the Accord sips gasoline at 24 city/ 34 hwy. We like this car for its base price and long list of standard features.

American Honda Motors tells us that based on retail new car registration for 2014, Honda Accord is positioned to retain its 2013 title as # 1 selling car in North America.

As earlier reported by Torque News-Honda, the 2014 Accord provides comfortable accommodations for 5 adults, a consistent quality interior and exterior fit and finish second to none, in a very competitive segment. And is a darn good looking car.

One must step up to the Acura line to find more power and handling performance in a midsize coupe or sedan.

Accord, while not being the cheapest initial cost vehicle available in a midsize coupe or sedan variant, according to automotive bellwether K.B.B..Com.,pencils out with the lowest cost of long-term ownership for any car sold in North America.

We've interviewed generations of Honda, Acura owners. All have one thing in common: They love their Honda.

When previewing the 2014 Accord back in November, we were more than a bit impressed by the understated elegance of the car, the performance, overall ride and interior noise level.

On driving the Accord, one of our associates believed it to be a better overall value than the Acura. He liked the way the car handled on the test track and sees the Accord V6 coupe as a great performance value.

He liked the superior performance of the Honda V6. We’ll stop short of blasting Acura, but will say that the Accord represents the best value in a North America manufactured midsize premium sedan or coupe.

For those future Accord owners wishing to take their comfort and driving experience up a notch, we recommend the Accord V6 Tour or the most fuel efficient 5 passenger premium sedan in North America. While you can find a cheaper new car on the market, you can’t find a finer overall ownership experience than that presented by the Honda Accord.

Accord offers superior reliability, adequate power and driving mannerisms while retaining the highest residual resale value in the industry. And that’s why Honda Accord is the number #1 selling new car in North America.