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Tesla's Secret Weapon According to Munro Live - What Is It?

We have a video of a conversation with Cory Steuben of Munro Live. He says Tesla has a secret weapon that gives it a competitive advantage.


Tesla's Secret Weapon

Tesla has a secret weapon according to Cory Steuben of Munro Live. He says to think about how simple a Tesla vehicle is and what Tesla gives away. Anybody who orders a Model 3 or Model Y and doesn't buy FSD - Tesla is choosing to give away hundreds of dollars of silicon chips that aren't utilized.

For all that processing capability, Tesla is giving away the sensor suite as well. There is a lot of value for Tesla to utilize these by using them for learning for Tesla FSD - Tesla isn't trying to nickel and dime customers for that few hundred dollars.

The standard practice at existing OEM's is to nickel and dime customers by saving as much money as possible. There wouldn't be anything on a vehicle that was necessary.

Tesla has immense low level complexity. Whether you have a long range or shorter range battery, it all hooks up the same. Whether you have a white or black interior, you still have limited changes. It's all the same material.

Tesla as a company is a master at making things simple and utilizing everything to its maximized potential.

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Tesla's Improvements

Tesla has different power trains for its vehicles. The Model 3 RWD has a single motor. The form factor for this motor is very similar to the motor that goes in the front of a Model 3 long range.

The Model Y has a similar setup for its motors. What about the Tesla Model S Plaid - how are its motors setup? It uses Model 3 inverters. The core architecture of the power train remains the same across all Tesla vehicles.

Tesla's secret weapon is that it keeps things simple and reuses its architecture across all its products. Tesla sells only a limited amount of vehicles with two interiors and a set range of colors.

If there is any kind of quality issue or design flaw and you have to do a recall, this can be a big problem for a car company. For a Tesla, if there is any hardware issue with a motor, Tesla would have to recall its entire fleet.

Tesla has to have tremendous competency and faith in its reusable architecture. With an EV, you can have confidence with this as a gas car has a lot of wasted heat and vibration. That is most of the wear and tear on a gas car. An EV doesn't have this problem.

This is a major paradigm shift. A Tesla is a computer on wheels and standardizes its parts across all its vehicle lineup. The old gas car companies (OEM's) have not made the changes necessary to catch up to Tesla.

For more information, see this video of a fantastic conversation between Farzad Mesbahi and Cory Steuben of Munro Live:

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