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Tesla Modified With Gas Engine Gets an Oil Change And Gas

This Tesla Model S was actually modified to be a gas car and went to get an oil change and gas.

Tesla Modified to Have a Gas Engine

This Tesla Model S, from Vlog Creations, was modified to have an internal combustion engine or gas engine. I didn't believe it at first, but as I watched this video of the Tesla Model S being modified to have a gas engine, I saw a marvel of engineering and a very amusing video of the Tesla driver getting an oil change and gas.

The owner bought a Tesla a long time ago and brought it to a mechanic to do the change to take out the pieces needed to instead put an engine in. A lot of work was done to remove pieces from the frunk in order to make room for an engine.

A mini crane was used to place an engine in the frunk area, along with all the other parts that make up an internal combustion engine. Once everything was hooked up, the Tesla was able to drive on the road just like any regular gas car.

There is a muffler on the Tesla vehicle, which was emitting smoke in the air. Many people had puzzled looks because Tesla's don't use gas, and I think that was the point of the video - it was to do something that nobody had seen before. You may also be interested in:

Tesla Goes to Get an Oil Change and Gas

When he took the Tesla in to get an oil change, the owner of the car shop was very puzzled, saying that was a very loud electric car. The driver of the Tesla was doing his best to pretend he didn't know about the modifications to the Tesla.

The person who was going to do the oil change didn't believe that the Tesla would need oil. When he started the engine with a button, he knew at that moment that the Tesla had been converted to be a gas car.

Now, to be clear, Tesla vehicles are fully electric and built that way. They don't need oil changes and they don't have engines. But, through a marvel of engineering, this Tesla was modified to have an actual gas engine.

When the driver of the Tesla went to a gas station to get gas, he, again, got many funny looks because a Tesla does not typically go to a gas station to get gas. In fact, they don't get gas at all.

The person he got gas with in the Tesla didn't believe that the Tesla needed gas to run.

This was a marvel of engineering and a fun joke and social experiment to see how people would react to a Tesla Model S that had been converted to an internal combustion engine. I had a good time watching the video and couldn't stop laughing.

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