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Up Close View of Gloss Purple Cybertruck Wrap Dazzles and Gives New Meaning to the Color Purple

There is another Cybertruck wrap and this time, it's the gloss purple Cybertruck wrap that dazzles and gives new meaning to the phrase "the color purple."

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Gloss Purple Cybertruck Wrap

The Cybertruck gloss purple wrap was released recently by OCDetailing and they have a video showing an up close and personal look of it.

This look dazzles and gives new meaning to the phrase, "the color purple" and will clearly be popular with those that love this color.

The look has a unique shine to it, showing a clear reflection of everything in the background.

Adding To the Long List of Cybertruck Wraps

This is the next in line of a series of wraps that have been released for the Cybertruck. I'm calling these release of wraps, "Wrap Wars" as each seems to try and outdo the other. These wraps include:

A satin volcanic flare wrap that provides a fiery flare to the all-electric pickup truck. This one shows the strength and power of the Cybertruck, along with its unique angular design.

A gloss black wrap that makes the Cybertruck look like the Batmobile. This wrap has a nice shine to it and is considered one of the best wraps available for the Cybertruck. If you want to feel like Batman, this is your wrap.

A pink chrome wrap that makes the Cybertruck look almost invisible. It does this by showing the reflection of what is around it in the wrap. At certain angles, the Cybertruck seems to disappear. This is one of the more interesting wraps available, especially if you like pink.

There is the original black matte wrap that first brought up the discussion of the Cybertruck looking like the Batmobile. This wrap is not glossy, but has a dark black look to it. I don't like it as much as the gloss black wrap, however.

Then, there is the chrome black matte wrap that gives the Cybertruck a glossy, silver, dark look that makes it look like it was crafted from a diamond. This wrap is lower on my list of wraps that I would get for my Cybertruck.

And, there is the satin white wrap that many think is the worst for the Cybertruck. I personally like this look for someone who wants a nice clean look to the Cybertruck - and something different from the other wraps. However, most people I've seen talk about it don't like it.

What do you think this gloss purple wrap for the Cybertruck? Would you get it?

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Image Credit & Article Reference: OCDetailing

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