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Black Cybertruck Wrap Makes It Look Like the Batmobile

There is a video circulating of a Cybertruck wrapped in black. It makes it look like the Batmobile.


Black Cybertruck Looks Like Batmobile

There is a video circulating around of a Cybertruck wrapped in a pure black wrap, and it makes it look like the Batmobile.

There have been many Batmobile versions over the years, but here is one that closely resembles the Cybertruck wrapped in black seen here:

Black wrapped Batmobile

The comments on share the enthusiasm I have for this black wrapped Cybertruck. It's for sure on my bucket list as something I would like to own.

Here's what some of the comments are saying about it:

"Yeah, that's sick" from user Danielle

"Next level. For sure. Gorgeous!" from user Greggertruck

"Holy moly" from user Dirty Tesla

These are legit users with a large following.

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Cybertruck and Tesla Wraps

Tesla has been pretty hush, hush about the wraps that are going to be available for the Cybertruck. In fact, you cannot choose a wrap when you buy a Tesla - you have to get the wrap from Tesla post-purchase and of a Model 3 or Model Y only.

Black wrapped Cybertruck

Tesla has a rolling advertisement in a moveable billboard, and this advertisement is the Cybertruck.

Matthew Donegan-Ryan on had this to say about Cybertruck wraps:

When we start seeing Cybertrucks on the road with different wraps, like this all black wrap, look for Google search trends and traffic to greatly increase for the Cybertruck.

Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising, and I expect that many Cybertrucks will sell because someone will see one and experience it and tell someone else about it.

This black wrapped Cybertruck looks amazing and I'm for sure putting this on my bucket list of things to own some day!

In Other Tesla News: Elon Musk is gifted a driveable wooden Cybertruck.

What do you think about the black wrapped Cybertruck? Does it look like the Batmobile?

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