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A Look at the Cybertruck's Sound System: 15 Speakers; 2 Dedicated Subwoofers; Distributed Amplifiers

The Cybertruck has a complex and incredible sound system. It consists of 15 speakers, 2 dedicated subwoofers, and distributed amplifiers.

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The Cybertruck has an epic sound system, according to many people who have experienced its sound system - including OutOfSpecReviews.

It has numerous speakers in it, 15 in fact, which includes 2 dedicated subwoofers and distributed amplifiers.

This enables the Cybertruck to provide a theater like sound experience inside of it while driving, as virtually every edge of it emits sound.

With the large front and rear screens, the Cybertruck present the opportunity to have a true cinema on wheels, with sound that is unmatched in most vehicles in production today.

For comparison, a Rivian truck has 22 speakers in the cabin powered by a 1100-watt amplifier - however, the Cybertruck appears to be getting all the rave reviews when it comes to sound.

A thread on Reddit says the R1T sound is excellent, but the one weakness is the subwoofer.

The question is - have you listened to the sound in either of these vehicles? Which one would you prefer?

What do you think about the sound system in the Cybertruck? Is it the best sound system ever made for a vehicle?

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Image Credit & Article Reference: Tesla | Reddit

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