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Family of Four Survives 250 Foot Fall in Tesla Vehicle

We have a video of a Tesla vehicle and a family of four that survived a 250 foot drop in a Tesla. Tesla's are known for their safety and it definitely helped here.


Tesla Drops 250 Feet and Family of Four Survives

We have a video of a rescue of a family of 4 who survived a 250 foot drop off a cliff and each family member survived with only minor injuries. Tesla vehicles are known for their safety, and we are glad that nobody was seriously hurt here.

The family was two adults and two children who sustained minor and injuries that were not life threatening. Tesla makes the safety of their cars a top priority and all Tesla vehicles have 5 star ratings on NHTSA.

The two children were aged 4 and 9. The rescue took place in San Mateo Country, in California, according to officials involved in the matter. The car crashed as it was traveling south on the Pacific Coast Highway as it skidded off a cliff on Devil's Slide, which is south of the Tom Lantos Tunnel. It landed near the edge of the water below, according to California Fire's San Mateo-Sant Cruz division.

When the car landed, it flipped and landed on its wheels. This was a factor in helping the car protect its occupants because the wheels absorbed a lot of the damage and impact of the fall. There were people who saw the accident and called 911 to get rescue crews their immediately. The crews detected movement from a distance signaling that people were alive.

Firefighters called in helicopters to help get the surviving family members to safety. While they waited, the firefighters were on the scene to rescue the two children. The children being in car seats also helped them survive the fall.

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Tesla Safety

Tesla vehicles are known for their safety and for being durable and being able to withstand tremendous forces of impact to them.

In fact, we have a prior video where a tree fell on top of a Tesla and it wasn't a small tree either. It was large and the occupants of that Tesla survived as well.

I've been asked many times by people who I give rides in my Tesla Model 3 RWD if the glass roof would protect the Tesla from a falling object or debris and I can confidently say that it would.

Tesla vehicles are frequently given 5 star reviews on NHTSA and there are a variety of safety features built into each Tesla, including air bags, warnings sounds and proximity chimes, and a Tesla Safety Score, which can be used to see how safe one is in their driving habits.

We are grateful that this family survived the crash and are also grateful to Tesla for making safety a priority in their cars.

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This is the latest update on this story: The driver apparently did it on purpose and is arrested.

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