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Tesla Cybertruck's 4 Wheel Steering Shakes Up Truck Industry

The Cybertruck can be seen in this latest video using 4 wheel steering - all 4 wheels turn at the same time.


Cybertruck 4 Wheel Steering

In the latest video of the Tesla Cybertruck, we see it driving with all four wheels, showing that it has four wheel steering. This allows for much more maneuverability than most vehicles because most vehicles only turn the front two wheels when turning.

This video comes shortly after we started seeing videos of the Cybertruck, beta version spotted being tested at Giga Texas.

Elon Musk himself has stated again that the Cybertruck will begin production this year, in 2023 and reach volume production in 2024. It appears that this is actually going to happen.

Earlier this year, Franz Von Holzhausen, Tesla's chief designer, said that the Cybertruck is ready for production and that the design has been finalized. All that is left are little tweaks, according to Elon Musk.

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Cybertruck Will Move Like a Crab

With the Cybertruck being able to move like a crab, I wonder how far Tesla is going to take this. Will it engineer the Cybertruck so that the wheels can be perpendicular to the road for easy parallel parking?

This may also only be available in the quad motor variant of the Cybertruck. I still believe that this version of the Cybertruck will have between 400 and 500 miles, and that version of the Cybertruck will cost under $80,000.

The Cybertruck will take care of so many different things that it quite possibly could be the last vehicle you would ever have to own - and you'd be able to use it for everyday tasks, moving things, or hauling whatever you needed.

I like the interior of the Cybertruck, which is very clean and modern - not littered with extra controls like a gas truck.

Brace yourselves, folks! The Cybertruck is about to change the game in more ways than one. With its ability to handle everything from everyday tasks to hauling heavy loads, this truck could quite possibly be the last vehicle you'll ever need to own. And with a sleek, modern interior devoid of the clutter often found in gas trucks, the Cybertruck is the epitome of functionality meets style. It's clear that Tesla is setting a new standard for what a truck can be, and it's an exciting time to be a vehicle owner. Get ready for a whole new level of convenience and style!

With Elon's approval for the beta to enter final production design, what else is missing? Apparently, there was an uproar about the back red bar missing on the Cybertruck, but Elon Musk has assured everyone that the red bar will be in the final production design.

What do you think of the 4-wheel driving of the Cybertruck? Will you get one of these vehicles?

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Image Credit, TokyoTesla, Screenshot