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Tesla Blames Model S Roof Flying Off To 3rd Party Replacement

A Tesla Model S driver saw his roof fly off as he drove on the highway. The scene was filmed by the dashcam of another vehicle that the Tesla Model S had just passed at high speed.


Some Tesla owners seem to be having issues with the roof of their vehicle. Already last month, we reported that the roof of a Tesla Model Y had flown off the highway . According to Internet users, this was most likely due to an error in the manufacture of the car .

This is not the only problem that Model S sedans suffer from. Tesla has extended the warranty on some Model S and X models because of an issue with the mainframe eMMC and has announced that it will repair model S and X touchscreens for free.. Rest assured, if you own a 2018 or newer vehicle, you are not affected.

Here is the video showing what it looks like when the Model S roof flies off.

This is what it looks like when the roof flies off from r/teslamotors

Tesla officially reacted to the video which went viral.

In response to @Cars01 video on Weibo, Tesla responded and said, “We immediately contacted the owner to resolve the issue. During the initial investigation, the said vehicle went to an authorized third party store for the replacement of the roof windows. We are not sure of the cause and are currently continuing the investigation."

The problem therefore does not seem to stem from a manufacturing defect in the Model S like what the Model Y had experienced. As you can see in the video at the end of the article, the roof suddenly flew off. The scene was filmed by the dashcam of a vehicle which was on another lane.

"The Chinese Model S driver must have been quite frightened when he heard and felt the roof fly off. The Tesla Model S can be seen braking just after the incident. At the moment, we do not know who is responsible for this finishing problem. We also do not know if the owner was able to recover his roof on the road. The main thing is that the damage is only material, no one seems to have been injured by the fall of the glass roof of the car," concludes William Zimmer in Tom's Guide.

Regarding the Third-party shops, to which Tesla refers, you need to understand one thing, that they sometimes use fourth-parthy glass guys, who sometimes royally mess things up. I would always go to a trusted specialist or to an authorized shop for replacements and repairs.

I was reading some comments on Reddit and people say despite all the positives that come with Tesla brand, things like this will scare people from buying a Tesla. Because of issues like this Tesla may have problems converting Honda and Toyota owners into Tesla buyers. This is why it's important that Tesla releases official investigation results explaining what happened here and why the Model S roof flew off.

The good news is that Tesla is improving its customer service and opening new Service Centers. Tesla is on a service center offensive. According to TeslaMag, Tesla wants to open a new presence every week in 2021.

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