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How Much Battery Capacity Tesla Model S Loses In 5 Years

What do you think what's your Model S battery capacity and how it will do in 5 years? You will be surprised by learning about this survey results.

Tesla survey shows only 5% battery capacity loss in 5 years.

Tesla Model S has been only available in the past 5 years and an EV advocacy group, called Plug in America surveyed 495 cars and found that on average the Model S lost about five percent of its power in the first 50,000 miles. In fact the degradation slowed down after that. The group surveyed cars that traveled 12 million miles in total and 17,000 miles per year on average.

Today I was at one Tesla owner's group and one of the owners asked "what do you do when your automatic transmission craps out in your Honda or Dodge?" They almost always do as you get closer to 100K miles.

This doesn't mean Tesla or EV owners' don't have to deal with something like this. Sometimes in the future Model S or other EV owners, such as Nissan LEAF have to deal with battery replacement. But it looks like the EV industry has advanced so much that the battery replacement takes only minutes.

So, perhaps in the 3-4 years the electric car owners can hope for a better value battery to be installed on their cars. This will rejuvenate their current EVs and probably make the more powerful. This can probably done at a more competitive price and only in few minutes.

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Your math is off here. There are no 5 year old Tesla Model S vehicles. First delivery was June 2012.
I wrote about miles too. Regarding the 5 years, I mean 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.