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Welders Working Hard as Drone View Shows Tesla Gigafactory 3 Taking Shape

Tesla Gigafactory 3 drone view


Today one of Torque News readers, who lives in Shanghai shared with us this drone view of Tesla's Gigafactory 3 and how hard the welders are working to bringing it near competition. You can see that the main manufacturing building is basically completed. The roads leading to the Gigafactory are busy, with lots of trucks going in and out.

Chao Zhou, how tweets at @realChaoZhou and took this drone video of Tesla's Gigafactory 3, wrote to Torque News that he is a space enthusiast and that Tesla CEO Elon Musk really inspired hi to push the boundaries and limits of human exploration. He wrote me that Elon may notice his coverage of the Gigafactory 3 and one day they may eventually meet.

We hope that the competition of the Gigafactory 3 may boost Tesla's production and improve its financial standing. Tesla's first Gigafactory is built in Reno, Nevada. Second is near Buffalo NY. The Shanghai Gigafactory in China is the 3rd and Tesla will also built the 4th Gigafactory in Europe.

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