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Elon Musk To Visit Giga Berlin Today After Attending a CDUCSU Event in Berlin


There was a statement from a Tesla employee that Elon Musk is definitely expected today at Giga Berlin, writes Torque News friend Jurgen in a twitter message just about an hour ago. However, before arriving at Giga Berlin Elon Musk has to visit this particular CDUCSU event in Berlin. I guess his visit to Giga Berlin will be late in the day.

Tesla supporters have gathered at Giga Berlin, ready to greet CEO Elon Musk who is making a rare visit to the construction site, the first after Giga Berlin was announced in November of 2019.

According to RBB 24 Musk is in Berlin today and is reportedly due to meet with Economy Minister of German Peter Altmaier and the Minister of Economy, Labor and Energy of the state of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach.

Ralph Brinkhaus, leader of the CDU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, did not want to explicitly confirm the visit. But, when asked about a possible meeting, he answered: "That could be", RBB 24 reports.

Tesmanian's Eva Fox is writing that "among other things, the topic of the meeting could be a discussion of the construction of a building for the production of batteries. Despite some uncertainty in the past, Musk and Steinbach have confirmed that Tesla will manufacture batteries at Giga Berlin."

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