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Ken Block Raptor And Ski Boat Both Motor Along Powerfully

Racer Ken Block not only runs a Ford F150 Raptor, he also runs a Ford F150 Raptor-powered ski boat. The difference between the Raptor and the Supra ski boat is the craft uses a first-generation Raptor motor.


When is a Ford Raptor not a Ford Raptor? Well, here’s the answer when one of them is a boat (named Supra, interestingly).

This story had its origins last spring when the owner of the boat and truck, Ken Block, showed the world his modified Ford F150 Raptor. The Raptor is Ford’s desert-racer. Block, who owns a second-generation Raptor, powered by the automaker’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, made a few modifications to the EcoBoost motor, which upped its output by 100 horsepower. Ken Block's second-gen Raptor is far from stock.

What were the mods? He added an intercooler (to keep the turbocharged boost concentrated for better power), and he added a stainless exhaust system. His updates give the raptor 550 horsepower and a bodacious 600 pounds-feet of torque. Those are great specs. Torque News will publish more information about its performance numbers soon. Still, the raw numbers point to a Raptor that is giant steps ahead of the standard Raptor, which, itself, is a factory-produced powerhouse. Ford Raptor does 134-mph lap on a prepared, sandy track. You can see more about the mods in the following video.

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The Raptor isn’t the only place where, at least, a piece of a Raptor turns up. It also turns up in Block’s ski boat. Block runs a Supra ski boat and tows it with his second-gen Raptor. Under the boat’s engine cover, there’s the V-8 of a first-generation Raptor. The first-gen V-8 uses a supercharger to up its power output. The 6.2-liter Ford V-8 turns out a claimed 550 horsepower. The V-8, we imagine, moves the ski boat out quite smartly and quickly. Block waterproofed the engine for use in a marine environment. According to information on the ski craft, there are mounts for GoPro cameras all over the place, including the spot that took the following video. If you look closely at the video, you will see Block do a face-plant while also trying to do a trick.

Block tows his ski boat with his Ford F150 Raptor. Both share the same livery.

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