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Honda’s updated response to consumer reported 2015 Honda CR-V vibration

Because Honda cares as much about our CR-V readers as we do...


With 134,660, 2015 Honda CR-Vs sold this year to date, despite a spattering of consumer reported 'at idle' vibration events, CR-V remains the best selling compact SUV in North America; and that’s no small feat with Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota nipping at your proverbial heels.

Torque News has driven the competition in a side by side fair comparison under exacting field conditions. We, like the majority of auto journalist polled, vote 2015 Honda CR-V overall winner in the segment, based on construction quality, interior ergonomics, overall ride and handling characteristics, advanced styling and last but not least, fuel efficiency. We further acknowledge what we believe to be the best engine, CVT combination in the class.

With that said, what’s with the reported vibration issue…

As earlier reported by American Honda Motors and expanded on by Torque News and others, a small percentage of 2015 Honda CR-V buyers have experienced what they perceive as an unacceptable level of interior vibration when CR-V sits at idle engaged in “Drive-mode.” Honda has acknowledged the issue and as promised earlier in this video, to explore the cause and effect of the video, and, address an appropriate remedy.

This is where ‘things” get a bit tricky in a world where automotive engineering and a company's intent to serve the end user often collide; at times the individual customer’s perception comes into play.

In short

The cause and effect of a reported problem, short of an obviously defective component, is more often that not difficult to identify, much less replace within a “chapped” customer’s timeline. What one consumer views as a blaring nuisance, or defect may be an unknown or an acceptable condition to another; none the less, bothersome just the same to the unsatisfied new or used car owner.

What does Honda have to say about this and what does the future hold for 2015 CR-V owners?

Honda’s comment

When asked to comment on the issue at hand, Honda points to the use of an identical Earth Dreams ™ direct injected 4 cylinder i-VTEC engine and CVT transmission in the very popular 2015 Accord without incident of excessive vibration. This points to a (possible) “harmonics” vibration transmitted through the CR-V ACE structure or attached frame member.

Note: Although the pin-pointed source of vibration has not been divulged to Torque News, Honda assures us and CR-V owners that the acknowledged vibration presents no danger of present or future component failure, and, that the company is working diligently on an acceptable fix. On a personal note, Torque News did not experience unusual vibration when initially test driving 2015 CR-V. we will revisit CR-V this week.

According to Honda spokesperson Chris Martin, “we're working to come up with solutions that will address several different customer perceptions of the vibration at idle. While it
is annoying to some, it is not noticed by most, and it does not represent a
detriment to the safety or reliability of the vehicle," states Chris.

Base on past dealership experience and subsequent product recall time line: Our advice to Torque News readers that currently experience an ongoing (slight) vibration issue with Honda CR-V is to report it to your dealer and patiently wait for a notification of recall from American Honda Motors. CR-V is the best selling SUV in North America. And, Honda will do all that is necessary to preserve the overall quality reputation of CR-V while serving the customer.

Update and disclosure

Honda-Torque News is an independent automotive news and review site dedicated to reporting world-wide, regional Honda Motors, and Acura Division news and developments. Although a long-time consumer, owner and fan of all things Honda, that's where the connection to Honda begins and ends.

Torque news is not directly affiliated with Honda, nor does Honda compensate Torque News directly or indirectly for company related news reports. You may read our latest unbiased, seat of the pants review of 2015 Honda CR-V AWD here.


john rowan (not verified)    June 4, 2015 - 12:23PM

This is not a minor problem, My crv vibrates at low rpms at idle and while driving. It has also gotten worse, any attempts and downplaying this problem is merely damage control by honda. They know they have a serious problems. They cars should not continue sell these vehicles, period. And as a matter of fact most of them have the problem, some worse than others. I repeat, this is not a trivial problem. I challenge anyone out there to place down $30,000.00 and see how unenjoyable the experience can be. Honda and it's dealers are still treating this like a joke. The full severity will soon hit the fan. There is no fix. Defective product. End of story.

Rose (not verified)    June 8, 2015 - 2:27PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I agree 100%. Our 2015 is performing just as yours. I also feel it is a major problem and am extremely upset that it is being down played just as if it is a slight annoyance.

Eric Gochko (not verified)    June 22, 2015 - 4:43PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I would submit it is a minor problem affecting a handful of vehicles. Honda has sold a few hundred thousand 2015 model CR-Vs .... and only a few hundred complaints.

And I plunked down my money and bought one last month. 2000 miles....No vibration. And I'm getting 32mpg. Absolutely, the best car I've ever owned.

Great product. End of story.

Vikki (not verified)    October 25, 2015 - 5:22AM

In reply to by Eric Gochko (not verified)

That's what I thought. It was minor and people were being too sensitive. I took mine for an hour test drive, sat in a parking lot etc and not much of anything. I explained that my kids have special needs and a strong vibration would impact them. Got this same line from the dealer. Now I'm at 7k and my car is shaking like a leaf. To the point of being uncomfortable and my kids are bothered.

Shake Rattle and crv (not verified)    March 12, 2016 - 2:10PM

In reply to by Vikki (not verified)

SHould have bought a Subaru ..... or did you think that all the issues were actually reported by honda and the exploding air bag manufacturer debacle . Cant say you weren't aware of it still love Honda ... its how they treat you after the fact that counts. O yeah By a Subaru .

Nigh Sonrow (not verified)    September 14, 2015 - 9:07PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I bought a 2015 CRV SATURDAY (9/12/15) and it started to vibrate on my way home from the dealership. It is NOT minor. It was so bad, it scared me and my son so much we stopped at a gas station on our way home - too concerned to keep driving. Dealership towed it to their service center and couldn't find anything wrong with it and never mentioned it was a known issue with this model. NOT COOL!!

Parks McCants    September 15, 2015 - 12:13AM

In reply to by Nigh Sonrow (not verified)

At this point Nigh, I find that hard to believe. Good luck. You are one of the very few still reporting a vibration problem with 2015 CR-V. Is it a new vehicle? If it is used, how may miles does it show on the odometer. What month was the vehicle built. And, do you intend to keep the vehicle? Thank you for your sincere feedback.

Nigh Sonrow (not verified)    September 15, 2015 - 11:17AM

In reply to by Parks McCants

This car is brand new. It is a 2015 CRV with 30 miles. You may find it hard to believe but it's happening and I am living with the nightmare. I am going to the dealership now to try to negotiate and get another Honda car and I'm crossing my fingers that they will work with me. The most upsetting thing is they looked at my car and said nothing was wrong with it and acted as if they had never heard of this vibration issue. It wasn't until I got home and did some research that I found out it was an issue with this particular model. When your own company produces a video acknowledging the issue, and the guys at the dealership play dumb, well that is just wrong. I have owned 8 Hondas and have loved each one and have driven most of them into the ground. My confidence in the Honda company has been thoroughly shaken by this.

Parks McCants    September 15, 2015 - 2:06PM

In reply to by Nigh Sonrow (not verified)

Thank you Nigh for your very candid reply. Please let us know how it goes. Note; I just completed a week-long drive review of Kia Sorento 2.0 Liter Turbocharged AWD SUV. It too has a (mild) vibration felt through the steering wheel and seat at low engine rpm. This is a side effect of direct injected engine technology. Of-course, I'm not behind the wheel of your particular car. Best of luck to you today at the dealer..

Nigh Sonrow (not verified)    September 18, 2015 - 9:35PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

You will be happy to know that I was able to return my 2015 CRV. The sales person & the sales manager were very accommodating. They were so embarrassed when I showed them the video from Honda admitting the problem, the consumer class action lawsuit, as well as videos from unhappy owners that they even offered to give me my money back! Since I love Hondas, and since they were so professional and they stood behind their product, I decided to buy an Accord. I couldn't be happier! I drove away with a huge sigh of relief!! BTW...while I was there, another couple was complaining about the CRV they had bought the week before. Yes, their CRV was vibrating too.

Bill Heiland (not verified)    June 6, 2017 - 6:57PM

In reply to by Lyn (not verified)

We purchased a 2016 CRV leftover and have 3000 miles on it and my wife is freaking out because of a vibration at an idle, I thought she was over reacting until I started the engine and heard it for myself. We are dropping it off at the dealership tonight to have them take a look at it. If I close my eyes I can see a Model T sitting in my driveway.

Roger LaFreniere (not verified)    May 5, 2016 - 9:52AM

In reply to by Nigh Sonrow (not verified)

I have a 2015 crv with 3800 miles and bad vibration in drive at idle. Dealer said can fix with multiple additions,frame,electrics,etc but needs me to sign release because fix "may" affect MPG but does not know. Does not know much about fix because he would have to read the bulletin? My car remains a vibration machine!

Don (not verified)    January 20, 2017 - 5:39PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

Just got my 2015 CRV back from dealership. Due to vibration. They told me everything checked out and they were not sure why the CRV is vibrating. They said that Honda would figure something out to fix the CRV. This is UNREAL $32,000.00 and I own a vibrating disgrace thinking that Honda is the best vehicle in the world ( and I sold Hondas) I was told there was nothing they can do until Honda finds the problem. Why would they ever of put the product out knowing that this was an issue before it even got to the dealerships? Thanks Honda I guess forget about the past customers and think about the future ones. BEWARE

Bill (not verified)    October 17, 2015 - 10:55PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I wish I would have seen these Honda CRV comments before I bought mine in Sept 2015. I started having the same problems and took it back to the dealer twice for repair. They think I'm nuts because they test drove it and felt no vibration. I am going to print all the fan mail from the internet on this problem and show them.

Dee Heath (not verified)    October 19, 2015 - 11:01PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I agree with you totally. Honda knew back in March there was a problem and didnt care. I have a 2015 with vibration and idle problems also. These cars need to be bought back

sspurlock (not verified)    November 2, 2015 - 9:13PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

My 2015 has only 800 miles and I am dumping it. I believe we need to do a class action suit against the car dealership that willing sell these vehicles know there is a problem and Honda. I purchased the CR-V on name along. I got screwed and would like to help others to avoid it.

Jim (not verified)    November 12, 2015 - 5:06PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I got tired of waiting for Honda to fix the vibration. I'm taking a different approach to the problem by starting legal action against the dealer for not disclosing the defect. When I bought the in late summer the problem was known and Honda has issue a bulletin to the dealers plus they posted a video on line so the owners could understand what the problem is promising a prompt fix. By law, the dealer is obligated to disclose not only the good things about the car but the defects so I can have a choice of buying the car or not. The problem is in the hands of my attorney.

Ann (not verified)    January 21, 2016 - 10:48AM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I totally agree with John. Pay $30,000 cash for a CRV and get a vibration that is annoying as all getout. My hubby has been in touch with the dealer and with corporate Honda in Calif. and they basically told us 'too bad, so sad for you'. It vibrates while idle and it vibrates when it reaches the 20-30 and then 40-50 mph. I am SO disappointed in this. They are more than willing to replace the mounts with some gel-type mounts and add 300 pounds of weight to the back of the vehicle. This does not fix the problem!!! Also we were told by Honda corporate office that we would only lose .7 miles to the gallon. The dealer says it will be 4 to 5 miles to the gallon loss. that's the reason we bought the CRV - it gets better gas mileage than others.
This is not a light issue. The problem is that the motor itself is out of balance and the right thing for Honda to do would be to simply replace the motors in these troubled CRV's. Grrrr.

William Eng (not verified)    January 25, 2016 - 7:46PM

In reply to by john rowan (not verified)

I have a 2015 Honda CRV and I have front end vibration when my speed hits 70 MPH and over. I had the tires balanced and further had the tires "road force balanced." This corrected the front end vibration about 60%. I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem? Need to take it back again when I have my first oil change. BTW, my vibration while stopped in gear was repaired by my Honda dealer.

David W (not verified)    April 15, 2016 - 2:59PM

In reply to by William Eng (not verified)

I had the same experience with the vibrations at high speed, and also had the road force balance done, with helped a bit. Honda tells me this vibration is know, and is a "characteristic" of the vehicle. The fact that not all of them do this tells me it's not a characteristic.