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Honda Fit Hybrid breaks 80 mpg barrier in Japan

The Japan only 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid beats Toyota Prius C by averaging 80+ mpg city.
We know that the 2015 North America Fit will share many of the Japan “Earth Dreams” drive train and CVT components. I believe that the 2015 N.A. Fit will post an EPA mpg rating of 60+.


Looking at the road test results in Japan as well as the press releases for “World” Honda, we know that the Japan only Fit model sips fuel at the astonishing rate of less than 1 gallon per 80 miles driven on regular gasoline. Honda has beat # 1 Toyota in its own backyard and is happy to spread the news.

Unfortunately for us in North America, we can’t buy a Fit Hybrid. American Honda Motors doesn't manufacture one here, yet…

As earlier reported by Torque News, Honda is presently building a zero bi-product CVT transmission and automotive manufacturing plant in Mexico. As reported, the 2015 Fit and Vezel will be manufactured here for export to Brazil, the U.S. and Canada. For reasons known only to Honda, the most fuel efficient North America Fit is the plug in EV.

Unfortunately, my readers have reported less than rave reviews as to the Fit’s “real world” range between charges of 80 miles or so. While that’s fine for many city commuters, for long range travel through regions without recharge stations, a 60 to 80 mpg Hybrid may be a viable Eco-solution.

In Japan the Fit Hybrid utilizes a single motor, double clutch CVT combination with a very small fuel efficient “ Earth Dreams” 1.3 liter L 4 cylinder. By always launching the car in electric motor mode and utilizing charge regenerating braking, the Honda Fit surpasses the Toyota Prius “C” claimed 53 mpg average city, much to the delight of Honda fans.

For a closer look at the the 2015 Honda Fit keep an eye on Torque News Honda for updates on the upcoming Detroit International Auto Show. Press releases indicate a fully re- designed Fit with a slightly larger cabin, upgraded exterior trim features and sculpted body line.

I believe that the least expensive car in the Honda line up is destined to surpass the super-sized Civic in sales by model year 2016. In the mean time for Honda fans wishing to purchase a very fuel efficient sedan, I recommend the 2014 Civic or Accord Hybrid claiming 50 mpg Highway.