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2016 Honda Pilot Elite: New spin on the family station wagon

Recollecting those crowded, hot, and sometimes torturous family treks of yesteryear, one can’t help but envy the Pilot family in the attached clip. Has Honda reinvented the family station wagon?


Honda is second to none in promoting new vehicle roll out campaigns, the totally redesigned 2016 Honda Pilot is no exception. Honda calls it the perfect family SUV, affordable, comfortable and accommodating.

Add to the exceptional tech-driven active safety features of 2016 Pilot Elite, near intuitive personal connectivity, in house theater, glass roof, one-touch 3rd row access and exceptional fuel economy, we discover a drive and ride experience that out-comforts many of today’s luxury sedans.

As much as things change...

American Honda Motors, through the advent of the most advanced 3 row mainstream SUV built to date, may have effectively reinvented the family station wagon of yesteryear, while placing a new spin on personal connectivity, family “Face-time” if you will.

The Buick Vista Cruiser of yesteryear revisited

For Torque News readers old enough to remember the behemoth station wagons of last century, your children may be too old to take on that ever promised summer road trip.For you, this 5 door hatchback may just be the ticket to summer fun.

Nonetheless, as we put 2016 Honda Pilot Elite through its paces in Kentucky last spring, memories of those too often parent-pressed summer vacation road trips came to mind, too often cramped and lacking air conditioning. safety? Fugetaboutit!

2016 Honda Pilot Elite

You may catch our latest Honda Pilot review here. And then, kick back and roll down memory lane in Honda’s latest 2016 Pilot promo video; the kids will want to go on this trip.