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Here's Why The 2024 Equinox EV Will Be A Key Benchmark For GM

With all the buzz that Ultium powered models like the Cadillac Lyriq and Hummer Edition 1 pickup have created, it can be easy to forget that GM currently has no Ultium models for the larger percentage of customers in the mainstream market. That's changing with the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox and here's why it will be a key test for GM


Equinox Ev Will Be Offered At A Lower Price Point

A major sticking point for the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV will be its selling point, with GM CEO Mary Barra claiming that the model will start at roughly $30,000. That's a welcome change from what we have seen on other Ultium infused models which have price tags that surpass $100,000 and are clearly targeted towards richer clientele. That's even before you factor in dealer markups as well as opportunistic wholesale flippers that could make these prices balloon higher.
Equinox LT grey

The Equinox EV (assuming that it doesn't fall prey to either of the above scenarios) promises to take some of the lessons learned from its corporate siblings and infuse them into a sensible package that could please a wide range of SUV buyers. The exterior styling of the Equinox EV was teased in some teaser images that the company released recently, and when compared to the uninspired and boring Equinox ICE model, the EV is a welcome return to the sporty side of life with the front and rear end clearly sharing some inspiration with European utility entries.
Equinox RS interior

The interior promises to channel this theme too and the EV is a step ahead of the ICE-powered Equinox here too and with the $30,000 sticker it could end up being a very good bargain for buyers looking to have some of the futuristic touches that an EV brings but without paying the steep price tag to do it.

It Has To Handle Mainstream Duties

It's no secret that the bulk of Cadillac and Hummer buyers will not push their vehicles too hard with the bulk of them being treated with kid gloves and serving as urban fashion symbols. The Equinox EV will be different and buyers will expect it to handle the rigors of daily living. That includes trips to the grocery store, hauling cargo, and keeping passengers comfortable. The Equinox EV will not have three rows of seats, but many potential buyers will still expect it to keep occupants comfortable when out on the road while also offering solutions to better integrate mobile technology.

Another key requirement is the range between charges which is a deceptively important parameter for many consumers. GM has not released official range estimates for the Equinox EV just yet but using the Hummer Edition 1 and the Cadillac Lyriq as corporate benchmarks it's safe to assume that the model could offer 300 miles of range between charges. That's more range than the Chevrolet Bolt (which we assume will be axed after Orion Plant fully transforms into an EV truck plant) and it would be a proverbial sweet spot figure for GM too especially since it would still allow the bigger Ultium models to handle range figures in the 350 to 400-mile range.

When Can I Buy A 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV?

GM confirmed that the 2024 Equinox EV will be available in the fall of 2023 but stopped short of elaborating further on a timeline for it. When the model does arrive, look for GM to continue its reservation system which has proven to be wildly successful for the Lyriq, Silverado EV, and the Hummer EV.

The Equinox EV will also have a rapidly growing pool of rivals to contend with when it appears including the Nissan Ariya EV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Carl Malek has been an automotive journalist for over 10 years. In addition to his specialization with Ford, he grew up in a General Motors household and is extensively familiar with their products too. Contact Carl on Twitter at @CarlMalek3, on Instagram and Facebook for automotive news to send news tips.