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Chevrolet Claims Silverado RST EV Sold Out In 12 Minutes

The popularity of electrified pickups has continued to withstand various market pressures with the first batch of a particular model usually selling out in a very short amount of time. The Silverado EV managed to continue this trend, with all of the RSTs in the initial batch selling out in less than 12 minutes.

Record Sellout Continues Streak Of Strong Selling EVs

Silverado EV frunk

The Silverado RST's success is a very impressive achievement when it comes to early reservations but it also follows up on the prior successes that we have seen in regards to some of the other electric pickups that we have seen enter the segment. The Ford F-150 Lightning for example has generated so much buzz that Ford had to boost its production capacity twice just to keep up with the higher than expected demand. Closer to home, GM is also processing orders for the Hummer EV pickup with the company just beginning production on the first customer-bound units.

Other Silverado EV Variants Are Also Available

Silverado WT

While the RST sold out in less than 12 minutes, GM CEO Mary Barra revealed that the WT model is still available though the prominent catch here is that these trucks are for fleet customers only with GM not releasing a consumer spec WT until later in the model's launch. GM is also not revealing how many RSTs will make up the wave of models that were sold out but look for the company to produce an amount that will undoubtedly be enough to help it meet all the pent-up demand.

The RST starts at $105,000 but befitting its role as the mass market-focused truck in the family, the WT version of the Silverado will start at $39,900 but buyers will have to wait until the summer of 2024 before they can get their hands on that particular model. A Trailboss model will also be available but GM didn't release any details about that model beyond a brief mention in their video conference.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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