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Tesla Cybertruck Shows Crab Walk Mode

In a drone flight video, the Cybertruck can be seen doing its crab walk mode. This allows it to move diagonally.


Tesla Cybertruck Shows Off Crab Driving

In a drone flight video of the Cybertruck at Giga Texas, it can be seen driving like a crab, which means the car is able to move laterally with both sets of wheels being turned. Generally, when you turn a car, the front wheels turn and the car goes in that direction, but with the Cybertruck, the back wheels can also turn.

Someone on mentioned that they saw a VERY high ratio steer-by-wire and that it was super exciting. I didn't know what that was when I first read it, so I did some digging.

This is where a vehicle can automatically adjust how much a driver has to turn the steering wheel in order to maneuver the vehicle in different driving situations and vehicle speeds. If this is fast, then it takes less movement with the steering wheel to do more turns and movements with the vehicle.

The big question about this crab driving capability is how you will enable it? Will there be a button on the steering wheel, or will it be found on the center infotainment screen somehow. I'm curious to know and I'm sure we'll know after the first deliveries happen on November 30th, 2023.

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Cybertruck Specs - Will There Be a Plaid?

Someone commented that the Cybertruck "beast mode" version could be a Plaid version of the Cybertruck, which would put it on par - or even better than the current Model S and Model X plaid vehicles. At this level, the Cybertruck would weight about 7,000 lbs., which Elon Musk stated would be on the high end of weight and could have around 500 miles of range and a 0-60 mph less than 3 seconds.

That would indeed be beast mode and would require at least 3 motors, a lot of battery, and some engineering genius. I think we will see, at the very least, a performance version which comes close to these specs.

If you look at what crab walk means for GM (General Motors), they describe it as a unique 4-wheel steer mode available on the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup, designed to offer greater vehicle maneuverability when you're off-roading or parking. The feature allows the angle of the rear wheels to mimic the angle of the front wheels, which allows your vehicle to move more diagonally.

That seems like a very similar feature to what Tesla has shown here with the Cybertruck. Granted, there wasn't a major turning happening with the Cybertruck tires here, so it's possible it wasn't doing crab walk to the fullest degree possible. I'm sure we'll see it demoed, though, when the delivery event happens on November 30th.

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What do you think about the crab mode for the Cybertruck - will this be a mode.

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