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Hundreds of Front Giga Castings Outside Giga Berlin - Model Y Production In Full Force

We see a picture of hundreds of Model Y Giga castings just outside Giga Berlin. The Model Y production ramp is in full force.


Giga Castings of the Model Y

We see hundreds of what appear to be front Giga castings just outside of Giga Berlin for the Tesla Model Y. Tesla is stockpiling these outside and more than likely will make use of them soon to build the Model Y.

Texas will also store Giga castings outside Fremont and Giga Texas from time to time. They should not get degraded by the weather, the elements, or anything that could happen outside.

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Some have seen them stacking outside Giga Texas as well and are wondering if there is a bottleneck in production. Others have responded that this is typical for production to ramp up just prior to a change in production to minimize potential downtime.

My thought is that if Tesla is stacking up Giga castings just outside its Giga factory in Berlin, then there is a good reason for it to do so. I think they are trying to keep production going as much as possible while doing some retooling.

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How Many Vehicles Per Year Will Giga Berlin Reach In 2023

Tesla's Giga Berlin factory has almost reached a 250,000 year run rate in vehicles produced. With the recent price cuts to the Model Y, Tesla is going to be busier than ever making the Model Y vehicle.

Tesla will reach 250,00 vehicles per year soon, and it got to about 210,000 at the end of 2022. That's pretty good for a first year ramp of production. I am predicting that by the end of this year, that they get to about 500,000 vehicles per year as a run rate at Giga Berlin.

Giga Shanghai is currently Tesla's top producing giga factory, but Giga Berlin could eclipse that since it is more modern and likely has improvements and refinements that make it more efficient.

Tesla made these Giga castings using the Giga Press from Idra. This is a revolutionary device that makes it very quick to make a casting for a Tesla vehicle. It's similar to how a toy car casting is made.

What do you think all these Giga castings are sitting outside for? Is it because Tesla is retooling production?

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Image Credit, Esther Kokkelmans, Screenshot