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Take 10 Minutes Out of Your Day to Watch the Tesla Plaid Event

It’s the morning after the highly anticipated Tesla Plaid Event. And while not everyone can stay up at night because of kids, deadlines, and work the next morning, here is your opportunity to watch the Tesla Plaid Event in a 10-minute recap. So, during your coffee break today, take a look at this select video that show-and-tells the least you will want to know that stands out among the plethora of post-Tesla Plaid Event videos.

“We’ve gotta show that the electric car is the best car, hands down!”---That’s the goal, Elon Musk delivers to his audience justifying the reasons for why he and they are here either in real or virtual life toward a shared desire to create a future of sustainability.

If you’ve been following all of the social media, Tesla-interest websites and YouTube channels these past several weeks, you would very likely have a predictive impression about what to expect. However, there’s nothing like seeing, leading to believing.

That said, for those of us who could not watch the event live last night and have even less time today to sit through an abundance of nearly equally-long replays of the event---with commentary---here is one stand-out from the Tesla Software Updates website that offers the best of the best recaps in the amount of time it takes to have that cup of coffee break.

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