Study finds the Toyota Tacoma and Avalon are longest-lasting pickup and car.
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Report Calls Toyota Avalon and Tacoma Longest Lasting Car and Truck

The Toyota Avalon is the longest-lasting car and the Toyota Tacoma the longest lasting truck according to this study.

The folks at have concluded a study that looked at over 13 million vehicles on the road today. The group wanted to determine which models were the longest lasting. To do so, they looked closely at what percentage of each model on the road has over 200,000 miles. At the end of the analysis, the car that came out on top was the Toyota Avalon and the pickup was the Toyota Tacoma.

The study found that the average model has about 1.3% of its vehicle population above 200,000 miles. For the Avalon, the percentage is double that, with 2.6% of the Avalons you see in traffic being over 200K. The Tacoma had a similar result with 2.5% of its vehicle population having over 200K.

Ginormous SUVs were the overall winners with the Ford Expedition (5.7%), Toyota Sequoia 5.6%) and the Chevy Suburban (4.8%) taking the top three slots. Phong Ly, CEO, commented on the findings, saying, "While any vehicle on today's market has the potential to travel 200,000 miles with proper maintenance and care, our list of longest-lasting vehicles shows that certain vehicles don't just have the potential—they do last well past 200,000 miles far more frequently than other models."

Torque News readers will not be surprised to learn that Toyota models have again made a list of the longest-lasting rides. We recently reported that Camry, Prius, and Highlander Hybrid are the three vehicles that more owners keep longer than ten years in each of their segments.

View the full report results at this link.

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