Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Vehicle owners keep the longest?
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Toyota Highlander Hybrid - The Vehicle More Owners Keep Longer

A new study reveals that the number one vehicle owners keep longer than ten years is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

A study by recently looked at what vehicles are kept longer than 10 years by owners. As it turns out, the number one vehicle on that list is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The next competitor on the list not made by Toyota is about 5% less likely to be kept by its owner that long.

The survey looked at data from over 2.5-million transactions to determine what vehicles were kept the longest by owners. Simplified, the folks at broke the list down into those vehicles that were kept longer than ten years by owners, and lists them according to how many owners do so. The Highlander Hybrid earns a 32.1% score.

Since the Highlander Hybrid is sort of a niche vehicle, being a hybrid and all, it might be easy to assume some sort of anomaly in the demographics or numbers. Except that the top-selling midsized Highlander (non-hybrid) is the third vehicle on the list with a 29% Score. The Highlander Hybrid just edged out the Prius, which scored 32%.

Toyota dominates this list. In the list of the top 10 Cars People Keep For 10 Years, Toyota holds five of the 10 spots. Toyota topped all of the segment listings the survey did as well, except one. The Honda Ridgeline edged out the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra, which took second and third spots in the Truck section.

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