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Best Hybrid SUVs for Less Than $35,000

Here’s the latest update toward choosing a great SUV that is both fuel-efficient and reliable with Consumer Reports new listing of the best Hybrid SUVs for under $35,000.

According to a recent Consumer Reports analysis of Hybrid vehicles, now more than ever it makes more sense to focus on buying a Hybrid over a gas-only vehicle due to that when it comes to not just fuel economy and reliable performance---but other automotive factors as well. In fact. When it comes to what owners expect in a new car, CR analysts state, “In nearly every case, the hybrid version is the better option” over its gas-only counterpart.

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Are All Hybrid SUVs Expensive?

However, new Hybrid SUVs come at a price that might be out of your budget.

There are a few ways you can offset the inflated price of a new SUV. One is to buy a model with a track record of good reliability. Another is to buy a fuel-efficient model. And the best way is to buy a model that’s both reliable and fuel-efficient,” advises CR experts in their latest newsletter on car shopping.

That was the focus in a recently updated recommendation on Hybrid vehicles Consumer Reports recently released of their recommended top choice of Hybrid SUVs they found that offers stellar fuel economy along with everyday practicality priced under $35,000 today.

Are All Hybrids Green?

When listing their Hybrid recommendations, CR analysts ranked them according to their “Overall Score” designation with some that meet CR’s “Green Choices” designation to ensure you are buying vehicles with the cleanest emissions so that consumers can do their part for the environment when purchasing a new vehicle.

Consumer Reports' "Green Choices" designation is a label used to indicate products that have been evaluated for their environmental friendliness or sustainability. When Consumer Reports assigns this designation to a product, it means that the product meets certain criteria related to its impact on the environment, such as:

  • Being energy-efficient
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Produced in a way that minimizes harm to the environment.

Products with the "Green Choices" designation are seen as more eco-friendly options for consumers who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

However, while none of the four models recommended below are “Green Choice” models (you can tell if a model is a CR “Green Choice” by a little green leaf symbol beside a model’s name) all possess remarkable fuel efficiency ratings.

Below we present the best hybrid SUVs that we’ve tested that cost less than $35,000, ranked by their Overall Score, which factors in road-test performance, owner satisfaction, predicted reliability, and safety.”

The Value of This Hybrid Car Listing

The importance of updates such as this one is that those Overall Scores do change over time as the latest info on factors such as reliability data and customer surveys become available. CR analysts assure consumers that following the links to their model pages, “…always reflect our latest ratings.”

Best Hybrid SUVs for Under $35,000

That said, here is a summary of the Hybrid SUV models that Consumer Reports rates, along with their price range, miles per gallon fuel efficiency, and current rating within their vehicle category type. Please note that prices listed may vary depending on location as well as the trims and options selected at a dealership.

1. Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $32,575 - $45,450

CR MPG:  Overall 35 / City 29 / Hwy 40 mpg

#5 of 31 Compact SUVs

Predicted Reliability: 53/100

Predicted Owner Satisfaction: 3/5

Road Test: 94/100

2. Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $27,970 - $31,065

CR MPG:  Overall 41 / City 34 / Hwy 47 mpg

#2 of 13 Subcompact SUVs

Predicted Reliability: 71/100

Predicted Owner Satisfaction: 3/5

Road Test: 82/100

3. Kia Sportage Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $28,590 - $44,090

CR MPG:  Overall 36 / City 31 / Hwy 39 mpg

#10 of 31 Compact SUVs

Predicted Reliability: 56/100

Predicted Owner Satisfaction: 3/5

Road Test: 85/100

4. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $28,475 - $39,780

CR MPG:  Overall 37 / City 32 / Hwy 41 mpg

#11 of 31 Compact SUVs

Predicted Reliability: 66/100

Predicted Owner Satisfaction: 4/5

Road Test: 80/100

For a more detailed breakdown of each model’s features, please visit the Consumer Reports website. Note that while access to some information requires a CR membership, the potential savings make it negligible in comparison when looking for the latest information to aid your car buying research.

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