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Here is when the real competition to Tesla will come

Every time a new electric car enters the market people and auto enthusiasts wonder if this one will become a Tesla killer or a challenger. Challenger yes, but a killer? Here when I think the real competition to Tesla will come.


But first of all, let me mention that yesterday Porsche announced that it gave green light to move its 4-door sedan, currently called the Mission E from a concept to a production. It can do an 80% charge in 15 minutes. This again spurred a conversation on whether it will be a serious Tesla challenger, and we have a discussion about in the following story titled Who Else Thinks Porsche's Concept Electric Will Spell Trouble for Tesla.

Some electric car producers may think of themselves as serious Tesla challengers. It hasn't happened yet. Tesla is still standing strong and mainstream auto reporters usually don't report a bleak future for Tesla.

When selling EVs becomes profitable

Nick Rothman, who has graduated from Toyota Technological Institute thinks "The real competition to Tesla will come when selling EVs becomes profitable. Lack of real profits (non stock related) has kept the major auto makers except nissan out of the EV game." He adds saying "I am not counting compliance cars as being a real EV maker ( ie. Fiat, Honda Mercedes)."

What about Nissan with it's LEAF?