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Who Else Thinks Porsche's Concept Electric Will Spell Trouble for Tesla?

Porsche's all electric Mission E is moving from concept to production. Here is what some current EV owners think of the challenge it will pose for Tesla.


The general word on the street is that Porsche's Mission E can't immediately pose challenge to Tesla's Model S. All manufacturers will be playing catch up for years to come. On the other hand Porsche is a name that has built a solid reputation, not a secondary brand.

The question is, will Porsche built its own supercharging network or collaborate with Tesla? Porsche could possibly show some intelligence and collaborate with Tesla to take advantage of of Tesla's existing Supercharger network. Otherwise can they built their own?

Did you know Porsche Mission E Concept has a a hologram

A friend named Spectra Se, an a TorqueNews contributor writes "why is anyone building an electric car described as "taking on Tesla"? A Porsche is not a Tesla. It's a sharp handling sports car not a casual handling luxury sedan. Apples to oranges.

Another interesting opinion is that any car manufacturer that isn't actively working on switching its entire fleet to electric, non-fossil fueled cars, is spelling trouble for themselves. Porsche may be slightly ahead with the Mission E move than some companies with. The first company that truly mass produces an affordable electric car will be secure for decades, if not for the entire 21st century. Are Nissan and Chevy well secured for the entire century with with LEAF and Volt/Bolt?

On the other hand Tesla has a weakness. The company can't hit a production goal nor can it hit a price goal. The Model X was three years late and 10 thousand over what it was supposed to cost. A company like Porsche that knows how to build cars will come in a while up market share.


Doug S (not verified)    December 9, 2015 - 2:13AM

Don't you find people are much better at understanding what they themselves desire than what others might want?

Ask yourself, are YOU waiting for an electric Porsche? Does it bring something to the table you can't get today (with a current Porsche, or some other vehicle)?

For myself, I loved my father's Ferrari, the sound it made while he adjusted the three Weber carbs, and the joy of riding in it. I've ridden in and driven several performance vehicles since. However, it was when a friend cruelly loaned me his Tesla for a day last year that I was hooked.

I developed a burning desire to purchase a more expensive car (by more than a factor of two) than I'd ever owned. His P85 had extreme power combined with the tightest, smoothest delivery I could imagine. And the P85D I drive today is vastly improved over that. Almost every part of the car is a marvel--done differently and better than what came before.

An electric Porsche just does not appeal to me at this time. Perhaps it does for others, but it would be good to hear from someone who is actually planning to buy one. As for Dad, he asks to drive the Tesla every time we get together.

Robert (not verified)    December 9, 2015 - 4:43AM

The fact is, Tesla welcomes the competition. They even released their patents to that end. An expanded electric car market will only help Tesla.

Serge (not verified)    December 9, 2015 - 10:57AM

Car makers are realizing that gas engines will not be cost effective much longer. The performance, reliability and efficiency of an electric car is far superior to a gasoline car and now that battery technology and superchargers are improving the point at which BEV's take over is just around the corner. Making an electric car is not much different than any other car.

The key is who will have the best batteries.

Serge (not verified)    December 9, 2015 - 11:23AM

Competition will only come when someone else out there have the capacity to build the batteries. Until then they will struggle to knock out 10-20k units a year.