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Tesla's New V4 Supercharger is Twice More Powerful

Tesla's New V4 Supercharger is Twice More Powerful


Tesla has recently revealed its latest generation of DC fast-charging stations, the Supercharger V4. According to reports, the new charger has the potential to be twice as powerful as its predecessor, the Supercharger V3. The company is reportedly ramping up production of the V4 in order to start deployment soon.

One of the notable features of the Supercharger V4 is its potential for a higher charge rate, which is currently capped at 250 kW for the Supercharger V3. The V4 is also expected to allow CCS charging for non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Esther Kokkelmans, a Tesla owner, spotted the electric car specs of the charger, revealing a rated voltage of 1,000V and a rated current of 615A. This translates to a total max power output of 600 kW, which is twice as powerful as the previous generation.

Of course, achieving the top-rated output is rare, but it is still an impressive improvement from the previous generation. With the deployment of the new Supercharger V4, Tesla owners can expect faster charging times and a more convenient charging experience.

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